Tesla Gigafactory Texas 6 May 2022 Cyber Truck & Model Y Factory Construction Update (07:45AM)

Gigafactory Texas on 6 May 2022! This is where the Cyber Truck and Model Y will be built!

This is an action and information-packed video as so much was going on it was hard to capture it all (but I tried)! Three time lapses in the video, watching Model Y’s being loaded onto car carriers, demolition of the old plant building nearing completion and GeoPier work on the battery cathode foundation area!
I do an abbreviated intro highlighting 9 key areas we’ll see in the video, but I added a lot of in-video annotations to help guide the viewer around the site and what activities are underway.

Abbreviated highlight overview with narration: 0:06 to 0:50
Drone flight footage & infographics: 1:18 to 29:04

Here are some highlights from today’s video:
– On the west side of the highway, we look at several changes at the material staging area, including the arrival of four large metal “silo-like” containers laid over on their sides. Uncertain where these will eventually be installed.
– On the south end, we see more steel parts being staged at the south material staging area and it appears the horizontal (directional) drilling may be either completed or the crews are repositioning the drilling rig.
– Near the stamping structure southeast corner, we see more platform parts and a large component (under a blue tarp) being raised by the temporary gantry crane.
– The south vehicle staging area has Model Y’s being loaded onto car carriers while many more are arranged in the shipping area waiting for transport. Overall, the number of Model Y’s in this area continues to change and grow. I cannot say what the production numbers or rates are as I simply do not know.
– On the west side of the General Assembly structure, we see many “Cyber Planters” being delivered on trucks. Dirt is already in each of these, so we should see plant and small tress installed in them soon. Also, a large square area of the parking apron near the building has been torn up.
– On the roof, we see more progress installing solar panels forming the “L” of TESLA, but we also see some parts of the “E” removed … I’m unsure why they are doing this.
– At the casting machine area, we see many test castings being loaded up on trucks for recycling. We know Giga Press #3 is being modified with a new casting cooling system that may allow for a doubling of throughput, so this may show that it is now operational and being tested. Also on the roof, we see two large scaffoldings and crews installing several new exhaust ducts and/or pipes in this area.
– At the battery cell area of the main building, we see continued work on the two north openings (for the 3rd and 4th floors) and preparation for assembling the steel platforms. We also see crews preparing to remove more window panels on the NW corner. On the rood, HVAC ducting work continues.
– The north paint shop platform areas show more deliveries of materials and equipment, most of which quickly gets moved inside.
– Moving to the old bag plant demolition area, we see most of the tower structure has been removed and now four large containers are being removed that were once concealed. The large dirt pile is being used as a platform for demolition machinery to access the taller areas.
– On the far east battery cathode plant foundation, we see GeoPier work on-going while more steel components are staged around the foundation area. Some steel parts are also being staged on the foundation area itself.
– The east material staging area is almost completely devoid of steel parts now, with most being moved by yard trucks up to the battery cathode foundation area. Many more semi-trailers are stored in the center east temporary parking area.
– The east parking lot storm water pipe installation work continues. The western half is getting concrete poured as the final part of the installation. The eastern half shows crews removing all the pipe that was recently installed. This may be due to “floating” caused by recent heavy rains.
– Finally, the east secondary main entrance area is progressing. Glass installation is next.

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Video, photos, illustrations, and commentary on this video is by me, Joe Tegtmeyer unless otherwise annotated.

Music in this video is obtained from the YouTube free and unrestricted and royalty-free use library. Ending song is Mr. Sunny Face – Wayne Jones

Drones used are DJI Mavic Mini and Mavic Air 2.

Drone flight over Giga Texas is with permission of Tesla and CEO Elon Musk


  1. Joe, is that bark chippings they've used as mulch on then west side landscaping? If so, talk about scoring an own goal. No matter where in the world you go, bark chippings are used because they're cheap but all too frequently are used in the wrong place. When used in sloping or exposed sites where they'll be vulnerable to drying out & blowing away or being washed away in heavy rain, they just become a) a waste of money & b) end up clogging up drainage systems & causing avoidable surface flooding & ongoing maintenance issues.
    When I was watching the copter squad videos of the landscaping being done, they didn't appear have bothered with laying geotextile membrane first, cutting slits in it & planting thru the holes, followed by mulching; 30 years of gardening has taught me this saves a huge amount of time on watering & weeding. From a large landscaping scheme point of view, method of planting risks high % planting rate failure in the Texan climate.

  2. Joe, good morning. Thank you so much for your videos, always full of detailed and enlightening information for all of us who are Tesla enthusiasts.
    Yesterday I watched a video, where the narrator stated that Tesla was about to announce the construction of another car assembly plant of the same size as the one recently opened in the Austin complex. Could you tell me if this information is correct, or is it just speculation?
    A big hug is a great weekend.

  3. 7:36 Given the number of cars to be loaded onto transporters there must be a way to make it safer. One guy hanging out the window of a very powerful electric car, driving blind up multiple ramps, is a recipe for disaster. I know these guys are loading unloading cars everyday, it just seems unsafe.

  4. How long can you keep the drone in the air for one single flight for your videos?

  5. The tower would have come down in seconds with a few small charges. Building a big dirt pile to knock it down seems a costly method?

  6. Thanks Joe. When I see this it is again clear that Tesla is going full steam ahead and all other car producers in the western hemisphere are left behind.

  7. 29:05 Somewhere they "forgot" to place the concrete blocks under the solar panels, so on 5th of May the wind blown upside down a row of panels. (Check this: at 13:22.) Maybe they just make up for the shortfall.
    The real interesting recognition will be at the moment when they realize that all solar panels are oriented to the… WEST!

  8. The Tesla software engineers could probably write a bit of code for the vehicles to load/unload onto a transport trailer. Make that a safer and more efficient process. Maybe use the Summon feature as a basis.

  9. What's crazy to me is that this is already a full-functional factory, yet they just keep bringing in more and more equipment to expand capacity, and they haven't even started on the CyberTruck production elements… this place is going to be a beast. I am very excited to see what the actual capacity is once fully ramped.

  10. Now that would be a good self driving feature, load yourself onto a car transport truck!

  11. It's impressive how much work continues to be done even after production is started.

  12. Do you know what the purpose of the triangular north pond was used for ? Was it holding stormwater or waste water ?

  13. They rip up finished asphalt and concrete so often that it looks like busy work. Like the Byrdes in Ozark trying to launder money for the cartel.

  14. Pretty cool. I’m driving back from west Texas to east coast and wanted to visit the factory. Or at least drive by. This just saved me the trip. Thanks! Happy flying! I just put up my mini. Hazmat accident in Pecos, TX. HUGE flame out there. Need to get there to charge to continue home.