Why It's Worth The Wait For The Cybertruck – Top 7 Reasons!

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Why It’s Worth The Wait For The Cybertruck – Top 7 Reasons!

00:00 Intro
01:25 Software
03:38 Performance
05:26 Range & Efficiency
09:29 Towing Capacity
10:30 Features
12:43 Supercharging
14:26 Durability

Tesla’s cybertruck, is still a hot favourite topic in the electric pickup community, even after almost 3 years of its unveiling. The pickup was announced to hit the streets in 2021, but even in 2022, it’s not yet happened, and now the timeline is shifted to 2023. But even after such a long waiting period, and even after the launch of the rivian R1T and ford f150 lightening, the craze for the cybertruck is intact. Also, with the arrival of Silverado E V, and the monstrous sized Hummer Pickup, the market will be getting more alternatives. So with the arrival of these great alternatives, there are people who think, that the cybertruck is now dead. Why would people wait for such a long time for the cybertruck, if such great alternatives are now available? That’s a perfectly valid question from people, but we think, there are still several reasons to wait for the cybertruck. Apart from its unconventional design, there are several great reasons, why the cybertruck will beat all its competition, and why is it worth the wait. Watch the video for the top 7 seven reasons why is it worth the wait for the cybertruck.


  1. LOL, the Cybertruck looks great on paper, but will be the last electric pick-up to enter the market, if it ever arrives.

  2. ALSO: Ford GM and even Rivian all demonstrated horrific judgment in many management areas to date. Look at how the legacy manufacturers run their companies the CEOs rape the shareholders and then run out the door. Elon is a completely different animal. Views his creations as his children loyal and committed to the product in the company. All the hideous bad behavior of the typical legacy CEOs and their culture (!) that will ensure Tesla is #1. I feel bad for the workers and the shareholders of these other companies but they are out right destined to fail. 🔥

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