A Closer Look At The Cybertruck Make's Lew Concerned

Clip from Lew Later (Dr. Dre Lost $200 Million To Apple) –


  1. The cybertruck could be one of the worst looking vehicles due to arrive. It looks like an unfinished concept. Although we have a lot of modern, simplistic design in cars just now we are not at the stage where you could drive this flat panel, terrible profiled looking truck around without looking like a bit of an idiot in an odd shaped vehicle lol.

  2. its the prototype and not the production model, there is no wiper and there are no mirrors as shown by the leaks

  3. It looks like ford built Tesla. All the back ground trucks that are actually doing work are fords, the next ford add should just be a construction worker in front of his ford telling Tesla your welcome.

  4. Take a look at what pickup trucks are actually building this thing. Every single one of them is a Ford.

  5. The second row of the truck is supposed to fold down in the latest version to give more room in the bed.

  6. Fords about to pass out f150 lightnings like this cyber truck is passing out ice cream 🤣

  7. The design of this truck is just off-putting. Hopefully the production model looks way better than this prototype.

  8. I think that weird ramp thing in the back that makes it look smaller is actually just a reflection of the actual bed

  9. This video wasn’t about morale and ice cream. They low key showed us (from what I picked up) a scale comparison of the cybertruck next to what looked like perhaps an F-350.

  10. Small bed size I don't think you have to worry about that vehicle is only a prototype!

  11. My problem is people reach in and out of the bed on the sides, and thats hard to do with the sides going up and not in the typical bed style .

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  13. I feel like they need to make these things like Hummers. Huge military troop carrier type vibes. Bulletproof. Over the top. Not just a pickup truck with silver siding. Thats just not enough substance with the style. Bulk it up. Make it badass. Like something an African warlord wants to raid villages with. A truck you can invade a small nation-state with. Something that makes your city council pass legislation to ban it from sale in your locality.

  14. Why is it that everytime we see the Cybertruck, it's the old version without side mirrors in some videos? Is there such a thing as a Tesla lost media?