Tesla Gigafactory Texas 11 May 2022 Cyber Truck & Model Y Factory Construction Update (07:15AM)

Gigafactory Texas on 11 May 2022! This is where the Cyber Truck and Model Y will be built!

Another very busy day on the site with progress and changes on nearly every corner of the construction area. From about 100 Model Y’s being readied for car carrier loading and transport, to solar panel installation on the roof, to continued demolition work at the north end and big changes at the battery cathode foundation area. I cover these and a few other key highlights in the video introduction, but there are so many, I’ve added a lot of annotations in the main video, so make sure you check that out!

Key highlights overview with discussion & illustrations: 0:06 to 3:15
Drone flight footage & infographics: 3:42 to 27:12

Here are the highlights from today’s video:
– On the south parking area, we see about 100 Model Y’s parked in the car carrier pickup area, with many more parked in the initial staging area. The inventory on this end seems to be changing daily.
– Also on the south end, we see more “Cyber Planters” being delivered, electrical conduit installation on the west side of the pond, and the south material staging area shows many more steel components have arrived. Whatever will be built, it will be very large!
– The horizontal drilling operation continues but shifted to a slightly different area. I look on the south side of the river to see if the exit point is visible and I did not see it clearly, but there was an area with a large amount of piping stockpiled, so this may be where the end of the drilling will be.
– The stamping machine structure is getting many large component deliveries today, all in wooden crates and being off-loaded from trucks and moved into the center bay area. This is definitely some kind of metal forming or stamping machinery, but I cannot say for which product at this time (although it is likely Cybertruck related).
– Across the highway on the west side, we see some earthmoving and lighting on the far southwest corner area, and we look closely at the material staging area, which seems to continue accumulating a lot of equipment, materials, and vehicles.
– The solar panel installation work continues, and the “L” of TESLA shows the completed outline with mounts installed. More panels were being moved for installation.
– The west concrete apron and loading area that had the pavement removed now appears to be nearly ready for rebar and form work ahead of concrete pouring.
– On the north end, framing out of the 4th floor wall opening and prep to do the same for the 3rd floor opening is underway, with a large temporary platform being used by crews to perform the work.
– The northwest roof corner HVAC ducting installation work has made a lot of progress, with nearly all ducts now installed. The last remaining components should be the “tops” to prevent rain intrusion.
– The north demolition work has now turned to the concrete apron breakup and removal, dirt pile removal and preparations for possible pond demolition as well. All of this is in preparation to begin construction of a new permanent electrical sub-station and Megapack storage.
– The battery cathode foundation area shows all of the steel components have arrived for construction of the main building, and rebar squares are being created for footing construction. The GeoPier equipment is now parked off the foundation and appears to be under disassembly.
– East parking lot area has new areas getting storm water pipe trenching and construction, while the east area installed pipe is getting concrete pours to complete the installation. Supercharger expansion seems underway as well.
– The new parking area just north of the sedimentation basin shows most of the charging stations are completed or nearly ready for concrete and then paving can commence.
– East Body-in-White new entrance area seems to have more interior area work and other preparations to allow for glass installation soon.

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Video, photos, illustrations, and commentary on this video is by me, Joe Tegtmeyer unless otherwise annotated.

Music in this video is obtained from the YouTube free and unrestricted and royalty-free use library. Ending song is Mr. Sunny Face – Wayne Jones

Drones used are DJI Mavic Mini and Mavic Air 2.

Drone flight over Giga Texas is with permission of Tesla and CEO Elon Musk


  1. YouTube is taking longer than normal to process the video in 4K. This is beyond my direct control but hopefully it'll be corrected soon.

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  4. Do we have a rough estimate of how many consumer Model Ys are being produced per day and if a single one has been delivered to a non-Tesla employee?

    No rush just with war, recession fears and China lockdown any extra Berlin/Austin delivery will help Tesla's predictable shipment fall.


  6. It's a shame you never credit the artists who created the music you use. Naming them seems only fair, and literally the very LEAST you could do for the composers contributing to your channel.

  7. I'm a bit confused…how many times do they dig up a parking lot? (see 23:05) My years in construction must have been inadequate to understand this type of construction roadmap of critical pathways? Not to mention the carbon footprint? Hello? What am I missing?

  8. 7:16 The size of that 'S' is crazy big, I've watched heaps of flyovers, but this angle really shows the size – enormous.

  9. Here's to moms! My mom's anniversary was today and she would have been nearly 94. Thanks for the great videos. I also like the music that gets me tapping to the beat and waiting for the finale with the "Banjo Joe" signature song.

  10. Can you please find out, how many cars are being built in Texas. No YouTuber has been able to give us a number.

  11. 23:44 Well we KNOW that Tesla is making Electric Semi's this year. And we therefore can assume that at a minimum, Tesla will be running their trucks between Nevada and Texas and probably Fremont too.
    My guess/theory is that this location is where Tesla is going to install the Semi charging stations.
    They have to have them.
    So here is where they will put them.
    We shall see.

  12. Between Mother’s Day and her birthday, your Mom must have loved the second week of May. My thoughts to you and her.

  13. Joe the new chimneys going in look like they're a bit larger diameter, maybe the 12K cybertruck Giga press??

  14. I'm beginning to wonder if this drilling under the river will be for the high voltage lines. They wouldn't be needing more than one shaft for a gas line and something like this was done at Lake o the Pines after a fatal accident involving a sailboat contacting the high lines.

  15. Another great flight, video Joe! May your mother continue to rest in peace and enjoy watching her son do some great work!!

  16. @ 16:26 (Right side) Good to see them doing erosion control early in the project. Another temporary pond?

  17. @ 13:52 Good to see they built a parallel dirt road so traffic driving between storage yards doesn't have to drive up on the main road, tracking mud and dirt with it.

  18. Thanks Joe.
    6:36. Starlink/SpaceX site. Silos/tanks. Size comparison with the green dumper bin. Someone more familiar with US dumper bin sizes can confirm. I think that green bin is 8’ x 8’ x 20’. Silos would be around 12' dia x 30' 3.6m x 9.1m.
    10:32. South west corner. Green machine appears to be a pile driver. Some steel pile casings nearby. No spoil being/been removed.
    10:55. South of the south pond. Steel stockpile. Confident this is a workshop where the steel is being modified, not a building site. Steel could be additional for Cathode and/or being modified for the likely design changes that have occurred in the 9 or so months since the steel arrived on site. And steel for elsewhere in the main building. Stamping Extension etc.
    15:24. Old Cathode site. Fence has been shifted east.
    17:53. Cathode. The continuous geopiering across the site is visible from the dimpled surface of the ground. A geopier every 4’ 1.2m or so.
    22:20. East side parking. All the new trenching seems to be for electrical conduits. Street lighting (there’s currently none) or more destination chargers possibly.
    22:50. East side parking. Saw-cutting another trench line.
    25:20. Battery. Cantilevered a short bay of the scaffold out over the door opening.
    Apron, working on the top of the screw pile for the loading platform footing.

  19. @ 11:00 The steel is probably headed across Tesla road to the cathode site. Or to finish building the bridge crane rails in the center section of the main building that they left unfinished months ago.

  20. 11:27 The markings are for 6 loading sections, each with 3 rows accommodating transporters of up to 10 cars, so 180 units total, or a cycle rate of ~6 batches/day once a 1k/day production rate is reached

  21. HB to your Mum! @6:17 I see more lumpy things under the roof … is this another casting machine? Do you think they are installing machines for folding CT bodies (gigabrakes), as yet?

  22. great flight over the aera . regards to you on your mother's birthday. keep smiling everyone

  23. Ah yes, lay the bitumen, paint the lines, wait a week, then dig it up.
    We use the same system here in Australia.

  24. 5:12 The steel is being laid out on a patch big enough for a narrow building between the future road and he river. That would be a good location for a showroom and visitor center, with large glass windows looking south over the river.