Tesla Cybertruck 2022 Latest Review | Inside Update

Tesla is expanding its lineup to include one of the most popular body styles in America—the pickup truck. With seriously impressive stats for both an EV and a pickup, the Cybertruck gives the company a potentially strong seller given how well trucks sell in this country.
The head-turning styling uses a hard stainless steel “exoskeleton,” similar to airplane design. Musk showed off the strength of the truck’s body panels at the unveiling, with an onstage demonstration of a sledgehammer swung hard at the door panels. Each time, the sledgehammer bounced off of the panels without leaving a mark. The glass is likewise said to be much tougher than what is commonly used in the industry.
The 6.5-foot bed has a large, hidden storage compartment. The tailgate on the prototype folds down like on most trucks. The tailgate, at least on the prototype, does have a neat trick: It can tilt down and extend to become a ramp for loading a motorcycle, an all-terrain vehicle, a lawn mower, a grill, or other wheeled items.
The prototype has a retractable tonneau cover that seals the bed with a smooth top that makes for a single, angled surface that extends over the roof, contributing to the defining wedge shape. Tesla has shown a potential cap design for the bed that could be used for camping.