Musk says Tesla Cybertruck SOLD OUT to 2027

Musk says Tesla Cybertruck SOLD OUT to 2027

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  1. My wife hates it. But I am hoping that it grow on her. I am ok with the styling. I am concerned about function and performance. I like the aerodynamics of the cybertruck vs traditional pickup truck form. Only this that will he an issue is towing 5th wheel trailers.

  2. I had pre-ordered a cybertruck a day after the reveal (trimotor version, for the extra range). My place in line is 340k even though I ordered one DAY after the reveal haha.

  3. I'm reservation 142,000 and 267,000 ordered 11/23 and 11/25 respectively. Ordered the middle model without FSD first and changed my mind to the top model with FSD. I couldn't seem to cancel the first order, now I think I may try to keep them both! 🤔

  4. Love the CT when it finally comes out in the next 3 to 5 years, but doors without handles??? Complication for the sake of complication that I am sure will be one of many overdesigned issues as the truck ages.

  5. The ONLY reason the CYBER TRUCK will outsell FORD F-150 is because of this….It's 9:25am outside WALLSTREET and The CYBER TRUCK pulls up to a STOP light at the BUSIEST Cross Walk leading to the ENTRANCE of the Stock EXCHANGE….on the CBS Nightly news that night… the leading story is …the First time in history WALLSTREET delayed the OPENING of the STOCK EXCHANGE because the Entire TRADING FLOOR was FROZEN at the CROSS WALK outside the stock exchange to get a GLIMPSE of the NEW CYBER TRUCK…..Ford F-150 will never make that headline if it doesn't start thinking how to make people STOP IN AWE of their Vehicles at a STOP LIGHT!!.

  6. As someone who ordered one in 2020 I already knew that. Production maybe this year? Yeah be lucky if they start production in 2024.

  7. $100 preorders though might only have 25% conversion rate to actual purchase, no?
    I'm 160,000 in line on paper, but I might actually get the 40,000th truck made because of all the cancellations.

  8. Just placed an order after looking at the title LOL. I hope mine doesn't come till 2025 or 2026 cause I still gotta pay same stuff

  9. I ordered a CT last Christmas. No model option. Just ordered a truck. 1.3 million orders ahead of me. I waited because I usually buy used when the vehicle is about 20k. If the CT is going to be 90K I need to find a way to pay for it. On the other hand, I use my current truck to pull my TT. I don't want to go far with it because if I tour the country like I had planned I could spend 10k in a week on fuel

  10. 2027?!! Wow, is that when they're going to start delivering it? Isn't that the same year SpaceX starts its point-point passenger flight with Starship, putting long haul aviation out of business?

  11. My wife has a Cybertruck on order but she is at least a million plus down in the line so 2027 would be optimistic to say the least. Who knows what will be available between now and then. All EVs are going to be selling out because every gas car on earth has to be replaced before gas becomes to expensive or unavailable or governments no longer let you register a gas powered car.

  12. I'm tired of the whole CT drama. I'm 70 now, and have no interest in waiting from 2020 until 2026 or so to get a vehicle. I know I’m somewhere around 500,000th on the wait list. Who needs this aggravation? Tesla is giving the other truck makers a hell of a lot of time to start catching up. I'll just make do with my Model Y and roof carrier.

  13. When do you think the Cybertruck will be arriving in Australia? I have one ordered and it’s basically all I think about 😅. I’m hoping 2026 but that’s probably wishful thinking.

  14. Fanbois struggle with math, so this is "news".

    For crying out loud, cybertrucks ordered this year won't be delivered until 2030…

  15. The cybertruck is awesome and I'm sure it will do very well. But the F150 Lightning has a lot going for it Being a body on frame truck It can be used for many different purposes with custom boxes and beds trays on it For many different trades and purposes Even a shorter cab and a longer bed. Plus with that technology Older pickup trucks Could become new again with EV conversions

  16. Well, I’m going to change my order to which ever model is going to be delivered first. I’ll either have more money and be able to better afford it or will have lost it all and be sleeping in my old GMC4X4!

  17. I ordered a Tri FSD, definitely also upgrading to a Quad Motor, maybe even Plaid… probably Plaid.
    I will be upset if they do not allow us to keep our locked in FSD price with the model change. Tesla have done this before when a lower end variant (think it was the Y but could have been the 3) is discontinued before production.
    Tempted with the Camping option and Cyber Quad too ofc 🙂

  18. MEANWHILE IN DETROIT GMs savant CEO Mary Barrrrrrá noted *All 1996 8cl Chevy Novas will be retrofitted with State of Art Acme Fax Machines"

  19. I have one on order (3 motor but will gladly take a 4) too but will we ever get a right hand drive version in Australia? I know there was a suggestion a few months ago that a version would be made for the Asian market. The 20,000 Australian pre orders are inconsequential to Tesla. The North American market is their oyster, I hope I am wrong.

  20. 🌎😉love the Cyber Truck 🚚 🛻 would like small one for Welsh fields

  21. Just remember, you better be ready to pony up more money when it is available for you. Not to mention that the Feds are raising interest rates. It wouldn't surprise me that the price will be closer to 100k than 50k.

  22. The Tesla Cybertruck is the best car in my opinion. It could be a little smaller and a cheap worker's car. Something like Citroen Berlingo.

  23. Tesla may just drop the tri-motor version, and instead have a quad motor, a dual motor and a single version instead. The quad motor would be for off-roading and performance, the dual motor and single motor would be less expensive work trucks.

  24. i live in the uk and have an account with tesla and have a reservation for cyber truck and yes i can order a tesla semi and its "£4,000 down on the day of order and £11,000 due within 10 days of said order, there you have it folks you can order in uk for tesla semi .£15,000 for additional per semi..

  25. Bad economy people won't b able to afford it im hoping i leap frog inine as a result 🤞😐

  26. I thought and heard Tesla cancelled the cyber truck. I guess I guess I heard wrong.

    I still refer the Rivian R1T

  27. Good, I wouldn't be seen dead in one lol, and I'm a Tesla share holder, I think its a dumb asf truck.

  28. I placed an early order for the Trimotor, it may become a Quad motor. My hope is that the Cybertruck becomes so popular that it gets its own Gigafactory! Making 1 million a year or more!

  29. It really doesn't matter a damn if both Rivian and Ford are first to market – they are both losing small fortunes on every vehicle they sell. Conservative loss for Ford, at least $10,000 per vehicle, as for Rivian, God knows. The CYBT will dominate. When people start seeing them on the streets, the traditional pick-up trucks will die, simple as that. Its possible the CYBT could be the biggest selling personal vehicle in history, ten years from now….