Forget The Cybertruck, There's A Real Truck With A Plug From Ford | 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

Ford’s first electric truck is shockingly good. It may not be the first EV truck to market, but Ford’s “hybrid” approach of blending traditional F-150 parts with a dedicated EV-frame and drivetrain makes for a compelling no-compromises pickup truck that just so happens to have a plug.

Infotainment Deep Dive:
Ford Backup Power:
How far can it tow?:

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  1. This is the only EV on the horizon that’s a regular truck. So it’s the one I have reserved.

  2. @AlexonAutos Oh my goodness…my Star White Metallic Sri-Coat Lariat Lightning is scheduled to be built the week of June 13th, 2022 and I also went with the w/Bigger Battery Pack; Tow Technology and Max Trailer Tow Packages for $81+K (I've been a fan of BedRug in our last few trucks). I know I say it all the time how much I love your reviews. And everyone I tell to watch or check out your channels…I joke that you are like my brother from another mother. ha ha 😇 But seriously you really do help me "feel" more "sane" how you notice every single lil' detail that I've noticed myself after either having owned 33 personal vehicles over the many years, or also having been in weekly rental vehicles from past convention traveling. 🤪 Thanks again for all you do!!!

    Secondly…when I'd first signed up (day of announcement)…my very patient wife the next day was like, "why don't you sign up to get two". She is like MasterCard Commercial…Priceless, as she does a great job of putting up with me!!!. But anyway, my two (2) "Reservation Numbers" are 12,424 apart. So again Ford let me know I made "the cut" for 2022 for the one that's being built the week of June 13th. BUT also, Ford has emailed me that my 2nd "Reservation Number" will NOT even be able to Order until 2023 and that also reservations are filled for the next two (2) years. So that's the email I got, regarding all that…hope that is not too discouraging for others. 🤔

  3. Very informative review and discussion Alex, always enlightened by your uploads. Your point on the venerable body on frame construction being lighter and more rigid than the full sized pickup truck built on unibody chassis. I can't imagine the stresses on the unibody of the Hummer carrying that massive 200 KWH battery pack and question the long term integrity of that delicate unibody.

  4. By the way that base model is an insanly good vaule for the money full size truck or otherwise as it has some many feaures for $40k and beats most BEVs in feature set for the price.

  5. cant wait for the crazy tesla ppl to use CT as an argument……you know, a thing that does not even exist. – from a tesla owner.

  6. now the important question can i carry a honda gereator in the bed and charge on the go even if it cant keep up that would be hillarias and usefull

  7. The front seats have the adjustable shoulder section because those are the max recline seats.

  8. This truck is incredible. The base model is just fine for me and it's actually way nicer than I thought it would be. Hopefully they can produce enough in a few years because I definitely want one in 3 years when my current lease is up.

  9. BEV trucks make sense considering how expensive ICE versions are and how much space they have for massive batteries. My F350 was $85k USD seven years ago. That's $103k now. I like that it looks "normal" where too many BEVs get overly futuristic, aka weird for the sake of weird. But the range and towing still isn't there for me to make the switch. My F350 has a 29 gallon tank so 600 miles of range empty, 480 miles towing a tractor with a bucket and bushhog.

  10. The base model is all im interested in but to be honest its too big. Why cant the maverick or the transit connect be electric?