New Rivian R1T Just Killed the Future of Tesla Cybertruck

Pickup trucks have always been the go-to vehicle for a lot of people for different reasons.
In this video we shall take a look at why Rivian R1T is the future of electrick pickup trucks.

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  1. sorry guys, rivian is probably going bankrupt…..can't produce enough to make any money!!!

  2. Please keep dreaming. Therehave been 100 Tesla killers, but Tesla just keeps growing at a rate , and profit unparalled by any manufacturer in the world.

  3. Really need to do your research. Ford, Hummer and Tesla have the same shit. Except a brand we all know. Killed nothing. Ford is cheaper 40k . Laughable. OH answer your phone . Well done on the video but facts are facts.

  4. Nothing killed anything.
    The prices are so high for all of them that your comments are highly laughable.
    Until the affordable EV comes out on the market for blue collar masess, nothing changes.
    No sane person pays $40 000 extra for extra high payments, extra maintenance, extra insurance, etc.