Tesla Cybertruck's Flow Simulation Reveals Efficiency

Tesla Cybertruck’s efficiency is revealed in its airflow simulation. But here is a practical look at Tesla’s cheap but impractical Cybertruck

This simulation flow shows why Tesla Cybertruck is one of the best trucks ever. Many people don’t like its design, but to get efficient and that advanced, the Tesla Cybertruck has to look like it does.

Edwin Braun, a software engineer, presents this flow simulation (for illustrative purpose) he did with his company software illustrating how the airflow and the Cybertruck interact with one another.

Here he uses a simple flow simulation because he didn’t have any real dimensions of the Cybertruck. But he was shocked to find out that even in its rough dimensions and shape how sleek is the Cybertruck.

Edwin thinks that the flow simulation shows that Cybertruck’s current design definitely works.

As you can see the physics and efficiency dictate the shape and the form of the Cybertruck.

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Reported by Armen Hareyan

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  1. I prefer function over form. I want an efficient vehicle that I can live out of. This Cybertruck comes very close to this function.

  2. I wonder how is the Cybertruck's efficiency compared with Ford F-150 in terms of airflow. Anyone knows?

  3. Amazing simulation. Looks like the design is justified as it improves the Cybertruck's airflow and efficiency.