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Tesla’s Cybertruck is late to the EV party. Cybertruck delays have allowed legacy automakers to beat Tesla in the race to build electric trucks. Even though Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised production would begin in 2021, 2023 is now more realistic. By then Ford, Chevy, Hummer, and Dodge will have a good chunk of the EV truck marketplace.

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  1. Interesting view of the Cyber Truck. The other makers do not have almost 1.5 million backorders for the truck.

  2. You guys are all clueless about the Cybertruck impact once it starts delivery. Pointless video.

  3. It doesn't matter who is first. It matters how many you can produce and at what profit. If ford can only knock out 50,000 Lightnings (who knows) and Tesla can knock out 250,000, at much higher profit margins. Then Tesla wins.

    There is more than enough market available to both vehicles, But I have no doubt when it comes to actual production numbers, Tesla will be in a class of their own.

  4. It's delayed because Elon got distracted by someone making fun of him online, so he had to take care of that. The world's ultimate douchebag

  5. If you've ever lived with a car with that steep of a windshield: you'll never buy a cybertruck

  6. The cyber truck is just as relevant as the tooth fairy; and they are equally likely to exist

  7. The Cybertruck is just so goofy now that practical trucks are already on the market, it was never going to be the "worker's" truck and more of a style icon from the getgo but now it's really hard to justify it compared to the competition and sudden availability of OPTIONS beyond the badge and wanting to stand out like a sore thumb in traffic.

  8. They truely are the Apple of the car industry because when it does come out they'll still buy it regardless of anything…

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