Tesla's INSANE New CyberTruck Giga Press Update

The company had been teasing the new Giga Press over the last few months. Images and videos were shared on social media showing that it was painted in Tesla’s signature red and white color scheme, leading to speculation this latest machine was for them. The body of the Cybertruck is an exoskeleton unibody shell that has the pickup truck’s cockpit integrated into it. Tesla CEO Elon Musk had already shared this information at the time of the Cybertruck unveiling back in 2019. Since the outer shell of the Cybertruck body is made of 30X cold-rolled stainless steel, a super-large Giga Press was needed to create this unibody with immense pressure. It’s hard to mold a hardened stainless steel sheet to give it a shape or form, therefore we now have the 9,000-ton Giga Press.

Every car manufacturer uses casting and Stamping to make several components that are then attached together to create a frame. Tesla was however the first company to scale this technique up to the point where the entire front and rear quarters of the frame are cast in a single solid piece of aluminum. This makes the car easier to build because it’s now one big chunk of Aluminium instead of a couple dozen little pieces all stuck together. The biggest hurdle was finding a company that would be capable of manufacturing a casting machine on the scale of the Gigapress. The company that was able to take up the challenge was the Idra group. An Italian manufacturer that operates under the parent company IK technology based in Hong Kong. The manufacturing company has now released its latest invention which is a 9,000-ton Giga press. Idra is preparing their 9,000-ton press for an open house being held in early June. The Giga Press will remain on display until June 16, at which time it will likely be disassembled and shipped to Giga Texas.

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