Cybertruck Production Updates

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  1. 2:43 "EYE DEE ARR AY" — the general manager of the company pronounces it "EED rah", but he is Italian, so for us I think "ID rah" fits

  2. The yoke has no place in a truck gtfo with that!! And also rear wheel steering and many other of those features will be optional because they all alot of complexity to cars

  3. For those of us with pre-orders, I wonder if we’ll have to cancel our existing pre-order before we can buy the quadmotor

  4. My CT hope and excitement has waned over the last 2.5 years. I'm still holding some hope my $100 down keeps me in some sort of CT queue. But for exactly what–let alone when–I am less suret than when I put down my CT deposit. Thankfully I double downed with a Ford Lightning reservation (on day 1). I've recently been invited by Ford to increase my deposit, configure my truck, and they've confirmed my order. Moreover, I know Ford has actually delivered the product to the earliest reservation holders. A bird (almost?) in hand.

  5. I honestly don't know why people are concerned about the Cybertruck being the be-all end-all of electric trucks from Mark 1. If there are favorite features that aren't implemented from day 1, there's always a possibility they could be implemented in the future. A redesign is possible and likely. As long as it realistically competes enough in the marketplace to make it to Gen 2, there's always the future to look forward to.

  6. They should have been building Tesla A all along first… That would do more wonders for the planet than a scammer's wet dream for the 0.01%. Frankly it's VULGAR to be building this while working class folks will never be able to afford a Tesla… So much for being the people's car company… SMH…

  7. As long as it's brick-resistant and its cost isn't driven up too much by sport and luxury features, I'm still interested.

  8. I'm over it. Tesla is the king of hype and scammery. Inflating your stock price by teasing what's to come without ever coming… #Stocktease

  9. I saw a Rivian driving down the road today, that thing looks gorgeous. Can’t wait to see a cybertruck.

  10. I hope the next cyber truck we see is the first preproduction model using the gigapress!

  11. I've said for years that it's never coming out.
    People hated on me for saying it but now some people are starting to see

  12. there is literally no reason they cant have door hook like on the mach-e. unlock the door. keep it in place with a magnet. you pull on the hook. if you walk off.. the door stays closed and locks.
    eliminates the need for 'self presenting handle' and 'self opening door' hardware.

    please let us have a mid gate and a fridge build in the frunk!!!!

  14. I’m assuming the cybertruck will have intelligent back up power like the Ford lightning to feed energy to your house in the case of a black out.

  15. I am not getting excited till the giga press is installed. I am guessing i'll be buying the dodge EV truck before a cyber truck is available. we will see whats available 1st for me to put in my driveway.

  16. What about solar?
    Tbh very much hoping Elon sticks with allowing a cloth seat option like he mentioned. Lol lord knows it's too hot in Texas for leather..

  17. I can't hear these " cybertruck updates " anymore . Bring this thing out or don't talk anymore

  18. It’d be nice to have pricing but I doubt Tesla even knows. It’s hard to predict how much things will cost 1 year into the future

  19. Excited to hear about the finalized cabin more so than anything else! Let’s see how this baby’s gonna look! 💪🏼