Tesla Cybertruck Official Delivery Date Announced By Elon Musk

00:00 Tesla Cybertruck UPDATE
04:12 Curious Samsung ads for UNPACKED event
10:21 Twitter blames Elon Musk
13:39 Snap Inc insane stock drop
16:36 Kanye West’s video game is out
19:43 Amazon changes EV truck game
23:33 Amazing tech: NFC locks

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  1. A few Cybertrucks getting delivered in the middle of next year is not really a big deal. That's if things go as planned. I see actual deliveries to customers starting at the end of 2023

  2. this content is garbage…. found myself not even waiting for episodes any more. bring back the music intro spend more time talking bout nonsense

  3. I think pandemic have really throught people the importance of multiple streams of income, unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security

  4. Lew. Samsung just sells way less of their small phone, so they pushing it. THAT"S ALL

  5. The Corona outbreak started in March of 2020. It was super small in November and December of 2020, but not an outbreak affecting anything worldwide

  6. Even with the fluctuation in the economy, I'm so excited, I keep on getting $380,000 Every week from a new trading platform in town.

  7. The whole TWITTER DRAMA is just getting started. I am going to conjecture that it is actually TWITTER that owns and controls all of the fake accounts in the first place.

    I wouldn't be surprised. This would explain why TWITTER is not being forthright. Twitter is in a real tough spot because they have to try and seek specific performance from MUSK at the same same time convincing a judge that the evidence the MUSK's team has, is illegally obtained. It would seem to me that Jack Dorsey, bound by an IRONCLAD NDA, has potentially let some critical information 'SLIP'. This got Elon's brain scheming now he's pushing the issue to compel admission of wrongdoing ??? I believe this has been the plan since before he spent the first penny buying $TWTR.

    Now if my assumptions are correct, I would like to know what the DOJ's involvement is going to be ??? We are already seeing backlash. I'm not sure if Advertisers line up and sue individually or band together (with MUSK's help) and file a Class action against TWITTER's board of directors.

    What is the value of TWITTER if it is in Chapter 11 protection ??? As the principal shareholder, (10% stock ownership) does Elon Musk get first, 'Right Of Refusal' at the impeding 'fire sale' ??? Is this where Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton steps up his investigation ??? I feel like we are seeing the first few seconds of ROUND 2.

    I'm just trying to make sense of this. Elon Musk does not strike me as the person who isn't thinking 5 -10 moves ahead. My feeling is that this is FAR FROM OVER !!!!