Amazon EVs Just Changed The Game…

Clip from Lew Later (Tesla Cybertruck Official Delivery Date Announced By Elon Musk) –


  1. As a USPS employee only problem is they aren't right hand drive and nothing is more annoying then going through or around your vehicle to dismount parcels

  2. What is the solution for drivers who need to use the washroom while they're on the road?

  3. it's a good idea, but in Alabama you will never achieve zero emissions as long as Alabama Power is still using coal to produce electricity

  4. This is the start of removing humans from those jobs.
    Amazon already have non human warehouses, so the next thing is robot trucks

  5. So good for the climate….literally everything in that vehicle comes directly and indirectly from the production of steel. As a steelworker for the last 24yrs, I always seem to laugh to myself about the myth of green energy when it's completely based off of a false narrative.

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  7. I've been clamoring for cooled steering wheels for years now like that needs to be mainstream

  8. I’ve seen these rolling around in fort myers during test route stages the last month

  9. This is such an engineering challenge – I'm skeptical this will work nationwide. EV range with such a heavy load and bad aero, energy intensive heat pumps, daily battery wear, etc.

  10. I don’t see how these shipping companies pledge to be net zero. I don’t see them making electric air planes 😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡

  11. All those kind of companies should use ev vehicles. The post office should use them, city busses & even busses for schools. That way, we can see what they're capable of.

  12. What about ran out of electricity while delivering? Those thing take at least 30 mins to charge. They don’t even has time to pee.

  13. I’m an Amazon driver here in Philadelphia and I can’t wait for these to roll out here on the east coast. I could’ve really used that cooled steering wheel today lol