Cybertruck spotted at Giga Texas!

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Thanks to Randy at Terafactory Texas for use of his footage, and boy am I glad we’re close so I can provide this surprising footage. We saw the Cybertruck in Austin a couple weeks ago, and again in New York last week, but seeing it inside the factory is a bit surprising. So surprising in fact that Randy didn’t even notice it while he was flying, but just when he got back to do the edit.

Randy’s Channel:

Did you miss it?

Let’s rewind and slow it down.

How about now, you saw it that time?

Let’s zoom in. That is so juicy.

That’s it. There it is. Second floor of the factory. There isn’t a ramp to this floor, by the way, and I’m not aware of an operational freight elevator, so this had to be hoisted up here with a crane and driven into position.

So what do you think, is this the same prototype we’ve been seeing all along, and it was just shipped from New York to Texas, or is it a different one? We’ve been seeing rumors for months that the pilot line in Fremont is in development, and that workers should expect to relocate to Austin as early as June or July.

What are we looking at here?

Very exciting stuff and what a great opportunity to build hype for the primarily-truck-owning workers in Austin. The word of mouth and goodwill this appearance is likely to create is worth more than any simple ad campaign. And if you’re a subscriber, congrats on being among the first to see this.

So what did I miss or misunderstand? Leave me all the rage in the comments, though preferably without any rage, and stay tuned, stay juicy, and I can wait to hear from you when you’re driving around in a Cybertruck of your own.


  1. Hello Bryan,
    Comment for Mr Algo Rythm.
    What a great way to not advertise…😎

  2. Yaaay! go Randy and thanks for sharing Brian, I'm surprised social media hasn't lit up over this

  3. That was awesome 👏 thanks Bryan. Also for the shout out for Randy at Texas TeraFactory. I have been following him for Quite a while. I man of few word and a Great Channel

  4. yep, Texas workers can look at. Texas works can build it. But Texas works can't buy it (unless they leave the state…) Strange world….

  5. That was Juicy Bryan, Thank you, I am looking forward to my Cybertruck arriving in Australia, and even Juicer will be driving it to work. MMmm TASTY !