Elon Musk, king of the missing lines, says that Cybertruck will come in 2023

The Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, infamous for making great promises and not following them, announced Thursday that the company would launch its
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Elon Musk, king of missing lines, says that Cybertruck arrives in 2023

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, infamous for making big promises and not following them, announced Thursday that the company would release its monstrous cybertruck in the middle of 2023. Knowing musk, the date could be something it comes to throw on the spot. However, this could also be true, in which case, that God has mercy on our roads. During a call with investors on Wednesday, Musk said Tesla was very enthusiastic about Cybertruck and said it was the “best product of the company”. The electric car company unveiled the truck – which Musk described once “a armored vehicle of the future” – in 2019, delighting Tesla fanboys everywhere. However, exactly when the collection reaches customers has never been clear, because the company has repeatedly changed its expected production dates. Until the end of January of this year, the company declared that the Cybertruck would be on the road in 2022. It then deleted this date from the Teslas website. “We are still expecting to be in production with Cybertruck in the middle of next year,” said Musk on Wednesday. “We are very excited by this product. It may be our best product of all time.” The company plans to produce cybertruck to its gigafactory in Austin, Texas, and Musk explained in the call that Tesla worked to prepare it for production. He said the truck would benefit from what Tesla has learned about increased efficiency in manufacturing. “We will bring another level of improvement in simplicity and manufacturing with Cybertruck and Futures products that we are not entirely ready to talk about,” Tesla CEO said. Tesla did not publicly announce the number of reserves he received for the Cybertruck, but an online count managed by the fans put the number at almost 1.5 million earlier this year. Tesla requires that customers interested in overflowing more than US $ 100, which is fully refundable, to make a reservation to buy a vehicle. In May, the company ceased to take reservations for Cybertruck in Europe and Asia and currently accepts customer reservations in North America. At that time, Musk declared that Tesla had more order of the first cybertrucks that he could not fulfill “for three years after the start of production”. The proclamation of the technological billionaire on the production of Cybertruck is undoubtedly a welcome distraction of the results of the second quarter of Tesla, also published on Wednesday, which revealed that the C