CYBERTRUCK AREA RECEIVES LOADS OF DELIVERIES TODAY! – Tesla Gigafactory Austin 4K Day 734 – 7/26/22

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it, coming down the Southwest end of the building we see lots of trucks unloading into the Cybertruck area of the factory and I wonder if this is tooling and related equipment arriving a bit early?! We’ll track this over the next few flights to see if it’s a pattern or a one-off. More solar filling up the rooftop on the North end, the Cathode steel looking good waiting for the pouring of the flooring (after mechanical) and TONS of Model Ys being loaded and launched into the world today; another awesome Tuesday at Giga Texas!

Please enjoy the video and as always, I appreciate all comments, questions, statements, proclamations and otherwise below!

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  1. Thanks Jeff.
    1:14. Paint, apron. Red painted Model Y BIW in front of the green wrapped delivery. Gone by 8:40.
    North road. Last of the street light cyber pedestals has been removed.
    1:54. East main entrance. About to hoist a glazed unit, vacuum lifting rig is on the crane. Upsized the crane from when Joe flew past yesterday.
    2:02. BIW apron. 2 vacuum trucks, and a tank truck at the sewer manhole.
    2:12. BIW, new loading docks. Seem to have saw-cut through the perimeter grade beam to install dock levellers.
    4:39. Tesla Road, northside. Pair of electrical vaults installed. Pointing towards the former location of the Old Bagging Plant tower which was what the excavator operator was aiming for (from his comments under an earlier video).
    5:51. Outfall channels area. Demolished concrete stockpile has been shifted
    6:05. East side stockpiles area. Right of screen. The long empty open space now has 8 or 9 of the mobile storage tankers…….stored.
    Top right, in the distance the concrete waste pile is getting some work.
    6:14. Trailer storage yard. The superchargers are being loaded onto trailers.
    Trailer storage yard is due for another eastward expansion.
    6:44. Cathode. Shifting soil around inside. The internal crane road is being demolished. Excavator and a bulldozer at work.
    7:02. Cathode. North end. Both the roof and floor structures project past the columns. South end same.

  2. Awesome shot of the TESLA solar panel outline today in the bonus. Looks great. Can’t wait until they’re cranking 100,000 cars out a week from this factory.

  3. Can you add labels to the objects/parts of the fatory like other drone youtubers do?

  4. Good to see so many trailers moving cars to their eager customers.
    I wonder how many of these MYs are with 4680 batteries and regular batteries. My guess is that GT still has not perfected 4680 battery processing yet so most of these cars are with regular batteries.

  5. Imagine the embarrassment if someone got the letters mixed up for the solar panel installation 🤣

  6. When I think about the Giga Texas announcement and the start of your Videos, crazy it is already day 734. Thank you and greetings from Germany. 🙂