New 4680 Battery Cell Production Update!

New 4680 Battery Cell Production Update!

0:00 Start
0:30 4680 Cell Production Update
4:35 Tesla’s RoboTaxi In Development
6:21 Cybertruck Production Progress
8:20 Tesla Solar is Back on Track
10:50 Tesla Opening Superchargers In US

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  1. hell no, i will stick to uber I don't want it to go crazy and lock me in going at 100mils an hour

  2. Btw all tabless 4680 tesla batteries are NIKOLA TESLA COIL RESONANCE ELECTRON INDUCTIVE CELLS
    They are able to induce a charge by electron pulse resonance, and can function like a electron tunnel.
    The 4680 is able to produce more energy than solar panels as it utilizes the electron field.

  3. there's no new info on 4680 production. it's still slow, Tesla is still ramping it (and has been for 2 years), and "expectations" keep changing – as usual. And until Munro finishes teardown of the MY AWD battery pack, all is speculation.

  4. it doesnt matter what is more convenient.
    at this point its like apple and lightning.
    usb-c just takes it all.
    adopt the standard. i mean whats the price of putting both charging adapters on site and/or in tesla-usa cars?

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  6. Tesla should design an adapter for other EV owners to buy if they want to charge with Tesla

  7. Nice to hear about 4680 production. How about road test results. No one talks about that.

  8. This channel cracks me up, the whole time you slurp off musk all while consistently at the same time brushing off his fake timelines. Like you yourself blurt out his lies/bullshit but at the same time lick them boots really well, it's baffling really.

  9. The new model y from Texas actually has the biggest battery out of all of them at about 84kwh and once the battery has been real world validated and will have a range over 359 miles from my calculations. All you need to do is watch Munro tear down and count the cells

  10. How hard would it be to flip the orientation of the back seat of the model y place it in the front and make suicide doors? Plus it already comes with 3 rows so it can be made to seat 7.

  11. It come to my understanding that 4680/18759/21700 all use heat strip to wick heat off the cylinder wall.

    The advantage of increased cell size is the increase of energy capacity per cell at the cost to disproportion of heat sink area. The cell ends up with a hotter core when all else are equal. The issue are longevity, potential thermal runaway or fire hazard.

    46800/18650 thermal management.
    Energy ratio 8:1
    Heat sink area ratio 3:1 (requires 8:1)
    Core temperature ratio 2.54:1 hotter

    That is an oversight decision migrating from 18650 to 46800.

  12. I hope the cyber truck, or CT, has a removable bulkhead behind the rear seats, to enable lengthening the bed.

  13. Any government that mandates a charger type is not “smart”, this technology is constantly evolving and in its infancy. Deciding what charger people must use forever is dumb if there are better options out there, or yet to be developed. It’s basically comes down to the fact that the free market is always smarter and more efficient than the government.

  14. "Available" doesn't necessarily mean without investment. Tesla charging cables are also too short for many EVs, therefore just sell folks a cable adapter. I would imagine most people would not hesitate to buy a $100 adapter cable for the convenience of using the Tesla network.

  15. I have a Y estimated delivery for nov, so I’m excited af to hear of this. Are they toying with using LFP chemistry in the 4680’s yet? Faster charging, longer life would be a killer combo

  16. Well done channel, please do a vid on the first Teslas. Where are they; mileage compared to ICE cars; what have been the maintenance costs, compare to ICE cars; how well have they been recycled, what about the batteries; what is the battery efficiency compared to when they were new, can the batteries be replaced/upgraded, if so where; do they still accept programming updates, if not where is the programming at; etc?

  17. their are are not enough ev support in my nearest city to me so its kind of disappointing having an full av suck getting an hybrid ev to deal with where i live in or KF, so full teslas are impossible here also internet restrictive here spotty, though this cell information nice id love to more see a graphite type of the cells