Cybertruck's Aerodynamics Reveal Surprising Results

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  1. Range should be middle thing to worry about. Tesla is building dozens of chargers on weekly basis. I'm buying it because of the design, almost bullet proof windows, thick exterior body and it's very futuristic looks and purpose.

  2. You do LITTLE to NO actual research! The simulation is based off a 3D model whoever created. Unless they can prove it is from Tesla, and if they can they have a large lawsuit headed their way. Stealth fighter jets have horrible aerodynamics. You actually believe that the SUV has great aerodynamics?

  3. Why are people surprised? If you look at it from the side, it’s designed like a wing. Just compare it to a wing cross section

  4. It better be aerodynamic, it's so ugly. Frankly the AMC Pacer is a triumph of design compared to this tonka truck.

  5. Isnt Elon givin back deposits on the cyber truck? Doubt if it hes still coming out with it

  6. I heard they are refunding all deposits in Australia in a range of $120+ million. It looks like Australia will not be getting the truck

  7. pre battery day EARLY reserveration holder here…. quad motor sounds nice 500+ miles range ok.. now tell me i can sell it for 50k more then i pay and it might tempt me to sell

  8. The sim is wrong doesn’t include the ugly side mirrors or the turbulence coming off the moving wheel assemblies plus unknown is there’s going to be any air vent pushing air out the brake ducts

  9. they need to re-run the simulation with the wheels turning – huge difference – much less efficient.

  10. Interesting observations about the Mercedes EQS. BUT…….the EQS drops in aero and Cd efficiency when it isn't sitting in a wind tunnel, and starts to actually chew into the air resistance created by it's own forward motion. It's 4 wheels are the difference. When they're in operation, spinning forward at top of tire revolution into a constructive wind equal to twice it's forward speed (forward speed plus rotational speed of tire), the Cd changes significantly. To my knowledge, in the real-world driving regime, the new Tesla Model S has a lower Cd than the EQS.

  11. Yep, the Cybertruck is going to be the most ultimate vehicle in automotive history.