How Tesla's Cybertruck Production Will Destroy the Competition

0:00 Intro
1:48 Regular Truck
3:39 Cybertruck
7:24 Revolutionary
7:59 More Cyber Models
9:12 Summary

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This video is meant for entertainment purposes, not Tesla stock investment advice.

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  1. Correct me if I am wrong, but I haven't heard you commentate on Tesla bot much. What are your thoughts on this project regarding Tesla's financial success in the coming years/decades?

  2. Every time I start getting depressed, and want to sell my Tesla stock, I watch one of your videos, and get reinvigorated. I decide to hold on.

  3. I would have to argue that the styling will be the downfall of CT. The preorders are Tesla fanboys and rich folk. CT will do fine but it competes in in the luxury car space. GM and Ford may not have a perfect product but their truck buyers are brand loyal. CT will not "kill" legacy brands. Like it or not Teslas CT delay only allows Ford and GM more time to improve their product. I would also argue that for people that use a truck as a "truck" would never buy a CT. That ELON knowing more about car manufacturing than anyone on the planet is comical.

  4. Lmao this guy is insane. Wayy too big of a Tesla fanboi to trust his obvious bias.

    He claims people are joining the waiting list. When the opposite is true. People are dropping their waiting lists for the Ford lightning

  5. Gary Black was wrong. By waiting Tesla focused on profitability and stability of the company before introducing more models. There is only so many things you can do at the same time. Elon secured the future prosperity by paying off debt and learning their lessons on production.

  6. GM say's they'll have 30 EV models 🤣😂
    Why the hell would you even want to produce 30 different EV models? Aside from being BS, that kind of mentality in their leadership, eager to waste energy and resources, just shows us why they suck and will suck even more for years to come.

  7. Elon at heart is an Engineer and not only that he’s a great engineer. Meaning he shoots for perfection. So from Elon to shorts BYTE ME.

  8. Future forums will have pinned sections on cleaning fingerprints and hand smudges off of Cybertruck. I know I can't even keep my refrigerator door clean.

  9. if Apple has taught us anything is that they wait and take their time with Research and Development to get it just right before bringing it out. Apple maybe late in some products but Tesla is the same way. that being said, I am not worried.

  10. Great video. Imo the Tesla community is being severely contaminated by all sorts of financial types who want results today. Gary Black being the biggest exponent of this phenomenon. Also they tend to focus on dumb things like investment grade and institutional ownership. Who cares! Tesla is changing the world with amazing products. I want the fans, engineers and dreamers back who understand that.

  11. When I was a gamer, we were sad when our favorite upcoming game was delayed. But in general euphoria made a step up. We understood, that the developers wanted to improve the game before release.

    Surprisingly in the automotive industry it seems to be the opposite. Delay? Oh, there must have gone something wrong!

    Of course, both might be right. But we don’t know. So just wait and then judge the result.

  12. The cybertruck has a fatal flaw. Production ramp will be harder and slower than the three, stock price will suffer investors may loose billions…

  13. As soon as CYBERTRUCK hits the road vinyl wraps are going to be a big seller people will camo it and all sorts, maybe side guns in the wrap 🤣🤣🤣

  14. I'm happy to wait for my 200,000th Cybertruck out of the first million already ordered. It now takes one minute to produce a Model Y. In the end, the Cybertruck will overtake all the other trucks in volume, and start out with up to a 50% gross margin and no marketing or distribution costs. Robo-Truck? And it will be my mobile Tesla Wall Battery that can trade energy with the local utility.

  15. The number of models matters not if there are no quantities, and no economies of scale: i.e. ZERO profits. The old companies will lose their shirts to maintain a few old brands they cannot produce in volume.

  16. Just a thought , Excellent video you did a great job of highlighting why a Tesla is a Tesla, keep up the good work 🤔IMO

  17. Have not enjoyed waiting… but the Cybertruck will be so amazing that it is worth waiting for the engineering masterpiece

  18. Yes I saw Gary black complain about this and your rebuttal is excellent and exactly what I was thinking when he said this at on twitter.

  19. Im frustrated about the CT, not as an investor, but as a very patient customer. I am also an investor, and if anything that makes me less frustrated because I understand why its delayed and I agree from a financial and greater good perspective.

  20. How many Lightnings were made last quarter?
    I hope legislation catches up and CT will be sans mirrors like Japanese EVs. Then there definitely won't be any looking back in the rear vision mirror. And they'd better not break the 9000 ton mold during production!

  21. Elon stated a while ago that 2022 was going to be a “setup” year, once they scale 4680’s they’re going to explode!

  22. Considering the 2.5 Million pre-orders, I am SURE that the PROFIT MARGIN on the CT will be absolutely INSANE – Can't wait to get it on the roads : )

  23. People should just chill. If Tesla Never made the CYBERTRUK, they still will decimate ancient auto with what they have now , not counting what is coming relatively soon.

  24. PATIENCE PEEPS!! Patience is the foundation for long term growth investing : ) If Tesla just COMMUNICATED THEIR STRATEGY and WHY they do things they do, less investor would be frustrated. Overall: COMMUNICATION is the – from what I know – only area they really, really should improve on : ) Good thing that is E A S Y!

  25. The lack of door handles will be a big problem. Fighting the silly automatic doors in the X is really annoying. One would need to be quite the pathetic human being to need their doors opened and closed for them. Not to mention the additional expense and reliability risk. Tesla will need more service centers. And what type of real truck owner would allow their door to be opened for them anyways. I’m selling covered calls for late next year when people figure out what a joke this is. There just aren’t enough lady boys out there to buy as many as they’ll need to produce.

  26. im pretty sure tesla makes more on the model Y than ford on the lightning so they can take their time, to work on the 4680s before the inevitable step change.

  27. As a shareholder and reservation holder I’m fine waiting on it. We don’t want something thrown together. Excellent points and fully agree with your take. Sorry NOT interested in the Rivian or the Lightning.

  28. The stock price is always forward looking. Don’t let the FUD get you down. The Cybertruck will be a great addition but ramping up the 3 & Y to 3+ million production in the next 2 years is what is going to add the most ROI. When was the last American vehicle to be the global best seller? Maybe the GM Corsa in 1998? The demand is such that the model Y has a chance to achieve that in the next 3-5 years. With 35-40% margins, this is what Tesla needs to concentrate on to pay for future growth and innovation.

  29. This investor is pleased they are ramping the current models and not dividing their effort with more and more models. I received my Model 3 LR three days ago and could not be more pleased. I am all in on TSLA. A me-too pickup would be a mistake. Thanks Lee. Keep it up.

  30. Lee, like your style and depth of coverage. Just a request if feasible or reasonable. I would really enjoy a run-down video specifically of Tesla's battery manufacturing performance. IE: Production of each battery plant (current factories, and projected when current factories are at full capacity), mine and mineral resources locked in by tesla. Etc. Everybody and their brother is starting to make batteries now, and I am curious of the expectation of Tesla made batteries. Not cost of such, but the perceived ability of Tesla to limit or reduce expected battery outsourcing. Yes of course GiGa1 in Nevada is really run by Panasonic, but I feel production there should be inclusive of Tesla. I dunno, Just a brain spark.

  31. Anyone who’s listened to uneducated opinions on Tesla and it’s stock certainly haven’t retired as a result of having bought and held the stock…

  32. I have a feeling Elon intends the CT to skip several levels of smartphone and automobile development. Current smartphones will be relegated to pocket-size ancillary devices to the CT, and the only thing the all-electric/all-digital CT will have in common with any current vehicle is four wheels.