Tesla Cybertruck NEWEST Update For 2023 Is FINALLY Here!

Tesla Cybertruck NEWEST Update For 2023 Is FINALLY Here!
Tesla’s Cybertruck design is complete, and production will begin at Giga Texas, within the next year. As a result, the Cybertruck drama, one of the most anticipated, talked-about, disputed, controversial vehicle releases in history, may end. Watch this video to learn more about the updated Cybertruck prototype and understand why SpaceX teamed with a smartphone manufacturer to design it.

0:00 – Intro
0:26 – T-Mobile And SpaceX Join Stamp
1:44 – Will Tesla Cars Get This Feature?
3:29 – Satellites Of The Starlink Generation 2
4:46 – How Big Is The Starlink V2 Antenna?
5:51 – Is The Launch Of Tesla Cybertruck Confirmed?
7:31 – Tesla Cybertruck Prototype Updates 2023


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  2. I do wish that Mr Musk would create his own chip company that way he doesn't have to listen to the chip company excuses.


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  5. when they smashed the windows of the Cybertruck everyone was like OMG the glass broke. Me on the other hand I'm thinking this guy is a genius, now the truck looks like it came out of a zombie apocalypse and now everyone will be talking about it.

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