Elon Buys Twitter: What Does it REALLY Mean?

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Elon Musk has taken a 9% stake in the public shares of Twitter. Yet he has just declined the board seat that was offered to him. What does this mean? Will he take over the whole company and save Twitter in the process?

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  1. Twitter won't changed. Not radically. There will be more conservative voices permitted. But censorship is on ALL social media and will remain. Except maybe Brightheon. YT is bad about it too. Trump is one of the deep state just pretending to be an outsider. Don't buy it. Wake up sunshine.

  2. I’m not cynical about his takeover of twitter.He’s got enough to manage. Some people can actually be altruistic and have money.Tesla really was close to failure just 2 1/2 years ago

  3. The funniest part of this video: The EMF Harmonizing Sticker that neutralizes the "Damaging positive Ions emitted by cellphones" – HAHAHAHA

  4. Crazy weird happy thought – Elon Musk for president, with J.P. as vice president… silly, but makes me smile!

  5. Elon is a front runner for antichrist. Is starting to show his color's and side. He controlled opposition

  6. Shilling a product with absolutely no health benefits is quite hypocritical of you. There are no "damaging positive ions" emitted by smartphones and you know this. Even if there were, a little sticker would do nothing to stop it.

  7. War is satanic. It is bringing what is of Hell to earth.
    It is also used to fool you into thinking there is a good side, so you will be the willing slaves of the good side after the war, and not know it. Because the bad side will be so demonized.
    It is all for PR. The devil controls both sides of the wars, all wars. To gain power for their invention of a "good side". There is no good side in any war. It is done by the devils in power and they decide who wins=their pretended good side and who loses the pretended bad side to get POWER over all sides when they win the war.
    Like MUSK, Putin and he are both devils. So they fake a story that they are enemies. That Putin is after Musk, so stupid people will think. Oh putin bad, Putin against Musk, so Musk must be good. They use it to destroy everyone and control everyone and everything.
    Wake up the innocent civilians are the only good side and they use war to KIll off the population and control all the survivors.
    If Elon loses his power of influence over people, Satan will get rid of him and he will lose all his money and power. If everyone refuses his Neurolink and laughs at his lies it is "good" when it is more evil than you know. Satan will replace him with some other demonic entity.

  8. Lmao I think this is the second video of JP making fun of the brainless Elon Musk fanbase ♥️😆

  9. It was very brilliant purchase of the Twitter investment, because the stupid Twitter board will try to find another organization to purchase Twitter again at a higher price than offered by Elon. This alone will allow Elon to double his investment in just a few weeks. He and other shareholders will begin to sue the Twitter board. With this gain Elon can easily create another Twitter like social media organization. Let Twitter just fail once the Elon attempted takeover fail.

  10. Elon is a nice fella. Not like he is making tech that would merge biology and technology, like those brainiacs in world economic forum does…. 4 revolution lets go!

  11. Where is current Twitter control currently…. best, better, good, meh, bad, worse, worst? Where would it be if Elon took over? No matter what, Twitter would go in the positive direction, even if went from worse to bad. It's an improvement.

    And of course Elon is self-interested. If the benchmark is perfect altruism, then there will be no improvement. Social media is 75% crabs in a bucket. While the sarcasm is funny, and I love JPs videos for exposing hypocrisy, self-interest, and non-logic, there is no way that Twitter remains equally "sh!tt7. Funny to say, but not true.

  12. I think I agree with this video Elon is was never some conservative hero but now we act like he is

  13. A fantastic example when someone uses words, when they don't understand their meanings. Thanks JP these are great!

  14. hahah he wants to neural link everyone and that's totally different, thanks for that one brother 🙂 keep up the great work

  15. I watched an interview with Elon and Lex Fridman talking about what it'd cost to go to Mars, the guy seems genuinely interested in advancing humanity into the future. I HATE billionaires, but mainly because they use their wealth to do nothing. Musk seems to consider his wealth as a tool to do the most ambitious thing possible for mankind, look at his track record so far. Feels like we've been beaten over the head by rich fucks for an eternity, maybe there is ONE good guy. I just hope there is anyway.

  16. wouldn't trust him as far as i could throw him making brain implant s nothing sinister in that what so ever he is another puppet for schawb and co

  17. It means: one ring to rule them all. He is buying them all to become the lord of the rings and play with blowing on the straw monkeys.