Elon Musk To Be New Twitter CEO, Timcast JOINS FORCES With Rumble Web Services In MAJOR Announcement

Elon Musk To Be New Twitter CEO, Timcast JOINS FORCES With Rumble Web Services In MAJOR Announcement. Timcast is working toward more resilient infrastructure to oppose censorship.

Elon Musk has secured another 7 billion for his Twitter buyout and Bill gates is big mad saying he thinks Musk may make it all worse. But what is worse for Bill Gates probably is not worse for the rest of us.

Rumble recently began building web services and now is being hosted on their servers to shore up our defense against mass censorship and cancel culture. While Democrats have been on the side of censoring free speech we need to keep working towards escaping big tech and silicon valley’s monopoly on digital infrastructure


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  1. Jack Dorsey ….. I think his birth name is actually Jack Rasputin

  2. Tim, you NEED to get this through your head… these people are not "wrong"… they ARE LYING AND THEY KNOW IT! That's propaganda! When you say they were wrong it implies they "just didn't know"… THEY DAMN WELL KNOW!

  3. Gates is the guy that uses his charity to bribe news outlets to give him positive press despite all the atrocities his committed in India and Africa.

    And HE is worried about disinformation? GFTO

  4. I'll leave this here:
    "Life finds a way." ~Ian Malcolm (Jurassic park.)
    I'll see myself out.

  5. Can't call it a free speech platform when people are banned for their opinions that don't call for harm to others, and that on the same token, it's decried that "Twitter has no responsibility to enforce free speech"

  6. It's normal in business negotiation to ask for a higher price but it doesn't mean you're not satisfied by the deal itself. I think they want to wait for the offer to come and discuss what Elon is planning to do

  7. I will be surprised if Musk does NOT lay off at least 35% of the company. If a Twitter employee is not directly tied to creating revenue, I think these people should start looking. That is the only way to make this company profitable and setup for another IPO.

  8. With free speech, civilians can influence government. Censorship ensures government bias because they can never be wrong.

  9. I wonder why these corporate video streamers don't allow companies or private pages to "host" various shows or genres through an "open" dedicated video player, like watching Disney's The Mandalorian or HBO's Game Of Thrones on sites like Daily Wire or Timcast. Such infrastructure would greatly help sites that are struggling with membership and show which shows can be more popular, you could also fundraise toward different shows helping finance further services on your sites.

  10. Newspaper headline: Angry Out-of-Touch Boomer Dweeb Shouts at Popular Gen X Stoner.

  11. So you have Stripe and the crappy Paypal, but no crypto option for membership payment? Why?

  12. "It's a cUlTrE WaR" Dim Fool says again as he hangs another no step snek flag.

    He wonders why the flags and skateboard videos haven't changed the youth's views, yet.

  13. Republicans : Free speech = Being allowed to spread lies and misinformation.

    BTW, lies are not opinions.

  14. Yes, making Twitter blockchain-based would be a really solid move. Blockchain is immutable and, if using the right consensus algorithm, fully decentralized.

  15. The whole PayPal keeping the $$$….seems kind of like thievery to me but what do I know…

  16. What happened to Timcast not liking Rumble as he mentioned many times before. 🤔

  17. Funny "Trust everything I do" but you should not trust Elon fully yet, Seems as though he needs to feed his MSM overlords a little. TIM – "Elon has done some good things" Elon has Telsa plants in China" , "Elon has said nice things about the Chinese in the past" , "He may have altereior motives", "He may be in it for private gains" lol Then starts reading from his left wing news sources

  18. The Dark Forces will not easily surrender the high ground. The War continues…

  19. It's like saying "We cant ask people to stop using cocaine until we have a healthy alternative". But the healthy alternative is NOT USING COCAINE! Cancel Disney+, and tell your child to play outside! Or read a book! Or build with blocks!

  20. I can see Elon take it to be private company for short time before reopen to public. After get things settled and reform the company.