Elon Musk In Danger! REVEALS The Scary People Behind Twitter Censorship & It's Huge Names!

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  1. When they control the flow of information they control the masses the elections etc

  2. Heads up, I find it not cool that you claim not to have gotten a single subscriber in a week. I subscribed to your channel on Monday since I felt that your content was pretty good. It would be chill, in my opinion, if instead of saying things like that, you would just do the normal like and subscribe thing.

  3. Anyone shocked are not paying attention and they make anyone saying this sound like a conspiracy theorist but it’s true. The various intelligence agencies around the world have always been trying to control the narrative and the Internet got away from them so they finally managed to corral everyone into places like Twitter then Elon Musk comes along and wrecks it on them.

  4. So by then boycotting twitter. The platform won't have these people spewing their garbage on the platform…. I don't see a downside to this.

  5. He's gonna need An attachment of Treasury agents to watch him night and day to keep him alive.. So you know he doesn't commit suicide… Strangled with some toilet Paper

  6. The scummy uk government has already installed an anti-free speech law. It’s disgusting and it’s the kind of thing that makes me want world war 3 to just end the lot of them.

  7. They're bitching about toxicity towards the marginalized while advocating for the marginalization of anyone that disagrees with them… So vapidly unaware

  8. this whole situation really reminds me of Bob Barbos ''just doing god's work''

  9. And we should all take this time to remember Epstein didn't kill himself .

  10. Elon being under attack is like “That moron is about to poke that grouchy bear”

  11. All I see is another establishment tool trying very hard to be liked and trusted by me. I don't buy it, sorry.

  12. People that think they know better and should control everyone else go figure. Great vids and content 🙂

  13. I'm hoping a man like Elon already planned to handle the backlash. Don't want him to get epsteined

  14. The names of our enemies… The people trying to destroy and take over our society. Nice information to have.

  15. The same people that have taken oaths to protect amendment 1 are out there actively working against it.
    Elon should start using his 2nd amendment right to build his own militia and deal with this problem!

  16. Dont forget that the Canadian government signed this as well because as the world now knows their main objective is to crush the rights of Canadian citizens with a goofy smile on their face

  17. Don’t worry their dirt is about to run out like a mudslide. You’ll hear Hindenburg soon

  18. With all the fuss powerful Democrat figures have made about Musk buying Twitter, incl UN govts, Soros, Obama, Clinton to name a few, is anyone by now in any doubt as to how the game was rigged and stacked against Conservative voices?

  19. They are going down. Their corruption is done, and they know it. Harvest for their evil is here.

  20. A great many people are off the beaten path. Moses opened up the ground and let them all fall into hell, maybe we should do the same.

  21. Dudes going to continue to lie to his platform and hustle them into more subs and views off saying he's shadowbanned LMFAO!! THE MOST SAFE AND CENSORED RIGHT WING YOUTUBE CHANNEL where dude won't even say poop when covering Amber heard pooping on beds or say poop or says literally H-E Double Hockey Sticks for hell…. yet he says he's shadowbanned.. gtfo, why lie dude…. he gets millions repeating g the same safe news already but its not enough anymore yet why would anyone want to do that as anyone who's been here since Jeremy first channel where he did claw machines knows that the more subs he's gets and the more views and likes and ad revenue that the less value his videos provide and the more ads he jams down your throat and gets to an egotistical point now even wasting time EVERY video begging his platform to sub and join his other platforms off lies now…. nice Jeremy