Elon vs Big Pharma: It Begins

Elon Musk’s latest Twitter controversy has seen him slammed for saying the antidepressant Wellbutrin should be taken off the market, whilst lauding the effectiveness of psychedelics. So, is Musk now taking on Big Pharma?
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  1. I never have trusted those people who splash their cash, there's always something they want in return, and if your are an obverser you can see through the eye hole. Blessings 🙏 be at peace ➕

  2. There was a man who found a cute for cancer and big pharma did everything to strip that man of everything he had to keep him silent.

  3. As long as there is a profit to be made, wars and corporate tactics and lies (half truths are still a form of a lie), human lives effected are acceptable collateral damage. And those that go along w/ this way of thinking because they to profit from it, it will never change. Walmart's (Amazon has read and improved upon their playbook) tactics ruined many companies causing loss of jobs, and yet those that lost their jobs still buy from them. Pharma protects their copyrights on drugs by doing a slight tweak to the drugs in order to maintain exclusive rights to manufacturing their product. They also create new drugs for ailments that already have effective drugs, even though the older meds are better/safer than the new ones. Defense contractors are kept employed by govts. that sell their products to other countries, so wars keep that machine of wealth well greased. And all of this comes at the expense of the average citizens.

  4. He is allowed to have an opinion. The fact that it is supported by research and testing makes it an educated opinion even.

    These drugs DO NOT WORK as intended. It's like taking a sawed off shotgun to your brain and fire. These drugs that are served to us for 3 decades now like sugar pills are giving you mostly nothing but unwanted side effects.

  5. A friend of mine had a scary medical episode in a hotel while overseas. She suffered bad anxiety and panic attacks subsequently. The doctor wanted to prescribe anti-depressant for her. She argued that she's anxious but not depressed. The doctor said, "trust me, you ARE depressed." She then started questioning herself: "maybe I'm depressed!!!" The medicine was giving her bad bouts of nausea, which the doctor said she had to get used to. The good news is, she didn't take them for long. In the end, it was kava that helped get her through that anxiety period.

  6. I can personally vouch for cattlemen being far better for mental health than pharmaceutical antipsychotics I do think that all antipsychotics should be taken off the market

  7. It's only wrong when someone speaks on a topic which he has a financial interest.

  8. LSD saved me from my debilitating self-esteem issues and made me take control of my life like I never knew I could before ❤️

  9. Marijuana is also good for depression. It kicks in after the third hit. No harmful side effects like those from overpriced, pharmaceutical snake oil.

  10. About a year ago some thought hallucinogenics were gonna be available right away because they've done the studies and had the proof of actual success but warned that they would be very expensive not covered by insurance companies and therefore completely unavailable to most.
    Studies now proven repeatedly without doubt yoga therapy has helped rid people of their PTSD, as well as a few other non prescription treatments such as theater and acting out various Shakespeare roles. Or music and dance as group or learning to Tango.

  11. So many people are caught up into this drug addiction to anti-depressants, it's time to openly discuss the fact of hellish withdrawal because eventualy most people realise it doesn't solve anything first and the secondary effects are terrible. Big Pharma wants people to be hooked and doctors prescribes without knowing what they prescribe exactly.

  12. Ever notice they say side effects are 'rare' but never provide unbiased statistics? Rare for them might be about 49% or even more

    I've personally experienced the following symptoms even after tapering down:

    extreme zaps… to falling over sometimes…I broke my rib during a fall, 42 at the time and have excellent balance otherwise… zaps would repeatedly occur sometimes every 3 minutes or so with any physical activity. It's a feeling like getting electrically shocked.

    high blood pressure to 170/102

    auditory hallucinations


    mental fog

    easily triggered

    erratic heartbeat


    horrible sleep even after 10-12 hours

    body aches

    random crying

    While on Wellbutrin, I felt joint pain and generally malaise. It didn't help at all… These drugs are simply poison and the obvious danger is especially apparent when trying to discontinue them.

    Agree with Elon 100%

  13. I’ve watched documentary movie prolly 10-12 years ago, about illegal therapy with LSD in cabins in the Red Woods.

  14. My children when they were 9 and twelve saw these drug commercials at least every half hour. They even stated," the side affects were worse and more deadly than the illness. Why would anyone take them." Out of the mouth of children. My mom died of an internal infection from Humira that she took for psoriasis within 8 months. I knew she should not have taken it and warned her. The Rockefellers in the 50s started this and a war on the planets vegetation began by brainwashing the people to hate natural wildflowers and callthem weeds. It is nature's way of giving us and all life everything needed for food and medicines in abundance. Stop spraying, stop worrying, eat healthy and live in harmony with nature and health will ensure

  15. Big pharma is more interested in the bottom line and their shareholders than the health of the public.

  16. There is something else what helps on the top – „Healers/shamans/Mental Coaches“ – however you name it – the Alternative „medicine“ what is in fact primary compared to the school medicine and Pharma – that is alternative as it came after the shamans/healers. But, I see it as well as Mental Coach how the other system like Psychology’s are „fighting“ agains me – one wrong statement = I‘m in trouble BUT I don’t care about this system rules/regulations/suppressions anymore – Ready for SystemChange 🙏❤️ and Thanks to Elon Musk to support the fight against the evil system and Thanks to Russel to support Awakening Process to the NewWorld ❤️🙏

  17. yes im diagnosed PTSD after 50 yrs diagnosed lol true im a herbilist n im growing my own herbs n veggies all orgnic even organic soil just starting for myself I remember after being amnesic n catatonic no help n was catatonic still have probs but having PTSD i was not a adict but needed non meds drugs for a walking stick So now im coming off fentytnil n going on smaller morphine doses eventual coming off it all After 20 odd yrs ive come back to memory realcall But im determined with my recall of my memory of being a herbalst im a amateaur I will find a herbal remady for a pain killer because i did in the 70s experiments So il keep in touch ok about this subject its close to my heart as being a drug addict recovering ow ivecome back for good natural remadies are best as being a member of green peace n friends of the earth they were not radicals then lol But I believe in natural remadies n im a veggie was one in 70s n back to making my own organic veggies groowing my seeds now n i talk them THey are all life n I love all life n was enlightened longtime ago But got lost on drugs for 20 yrs I was not addictd to drink as im not really adicted personality plzz excuse ho i write its my fibromygia n my ME We can lve a better life without all these Pharma drugs n il be off them all with natural remadies as I made them in my past n being a vegitarian was vegan But I was born with alergic to manmade produces for the millions IL be in contact with my experiments on my own health My bodies a temple it houe a precious soul n I believe that russel plzz forgive my writing due to y health which i think was due to the above what your vids about etc I hope you can read this n yes im subcribe n get ur vids if i could come n meet you But im housebound bu improcving n il improve more without these big Pharma drugs Which when first addicted by Speed etc due to PTSD nondignosed I fought the diagnosis Russel too hard to write this but other i hope will learn to fight big Pharma n dogma of doctor thank goodness doctors believe im not got dementia I would not take another drug that i think causd my mum my aunty n other to become demtia etc So eventual my knowledge of plants you dont need to hve degrees doctrines etc They did in my grandmothers time or my great grandmothers or my great aunties etc our ancestors knew a lot about self healing n plants n remadies etc I know im long winded n you not have time to read this but im a story of a survivor of undignosed n misdignosis n nearly end up dead with suicide etc n neglected by mental health etc vet against war love equality peace in universe n beyond to all plzz read all im a great story of survival against dogma just love all folk 🙂 <3 xxxxx

  18. Big pharmacy never wants you to be cured they want you just well enough to not die so they have a customer for life how most people can't see this baffles me you will never see a billionaire or someone of extreme power never die of cancer because they have a cure and they no what products they shove down our throats to get cancer they should be done for genocide as well as the UK and US government

  19. He’s right, Wellbutrin is garbage. I’ve heard nothing but complaints about it around the lunch table at work

  20. The doctors a a big part of the problem. When I get a prescription now, I go home and google it for side affects and throw them out. No more pharmaceuticals for me.

  21. Mr. Musk is a modern day Einstein. Another of his latest research projects is Neuralink. This chip will, if all goes well, be implanted into the human brain to help control the neurologic synthesis of obesity. If it is successful it may help those persons rid themselves of that particular affliction. I’m sure, if successful, this chip can also be implanted in other parts of the brain to control addiction, Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases. Go Elon.

  22. Just saw Russel giving Larry a few sparkles. Really lovely interview these two together.

  23. We're given medications that make our depression worse, and we're told to "just stick with it", or they'll keep increasing the dosage until we can no longer function. I do NOT trust the medical system where I live, and I do my own research and tell my doctor what I need, and he makes it happen.

  24. He's going to have to battle all the criminal left wing globalists . I don't know if he can win . It's truly a criminal cabal

  25. Wow, great topic and so glad Elon and Russell are talking about it! We need to shed light on these issues if we're to ever get healthier!

  26. public health is for the pharmaceutical industry what peace is for the arms industry

  27. Psychedelics are natural well the ones they use for mental health. Elon is a very smart dude so I pay attention. But SSRIs are very addictive like chemical dependantcy. I e been of effexor for more than 10 years and I can't stop taking them now because of the weird ass withdraw. It's not an opioid or anything like that it's like prozac or paxil.

  28. Elon musk, putin, xi, palmer luckey and trump are going down, in the next 2 years everyone that has been oppressed by these rulers will have drone swarms. millions, and they will dogfight anything palmer luckey can build and win.

  29. Elon is like Trump on Steroids ,however, the point is we are a indoctrinated society run in part by propaganda and advertisements, and what we are told is good for you.

    In truth there is medication that useful, however, it is about 20% the rest is quackery we can use placebos and get the same effect. We have a society that the makes big farmer richer if we remain sick, currently Mental Health consumes vast amounts of ani depressants ,however ,if I had a magic wand and improved their situation, they would be happy and not need antidepressants .The general angst of society depression suicide is what is happening within it. Many lose hope, as people are judged by what they have or what they have lost not who they are.

    It takes a person like Elon to say the same thing to get those who want control worried!