Bill Gates comments on Elon Musk's Twitter acquisition

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  1. BILL GATES= One of the least trusted men in the world with clear evil intentions.

  2. The thing is B gates has been a little less than postive with Musk in the public domain and lord knows what he has been up to behind closed doors wheeling and dealing . B gates needs Musk , and yes the pregnant man was faaab ! Musk was shooting an arrow in gates direction a pretty harmless warning but a pertinant one non the less when you compare what Gates has been doing ?!

  3. Mr. Gates, you are a disgrace to any democracy, please spare us you presence.

    All Communists Fear Freedom of Speech.

    All Communists Fear Freedom of Speech.

    All Communists Fear Freedom of Speech.

  4. Tesla shorts bet on Tesla to fail. Sorry but BGs argumentation is not logical. He should admit his mistake and go on instead of explaining the unexplainable

  5. He didn’t send out a picture of bill gates pregnant, he sent out a picture of the man pregnant emoji……… check your facts……… then while your having fun checking , check when scientists/ doctors think men will get pregnant ( yeah wait for it lol)

  6. Elon is very good at poking fun. He chooses his targets and his topic very intelligently. A smart man will simply ignore.

  7. They must be getting desperate bringing this hated despicable peace of work back on the stage 🤡

  8. Bill gates is a globalist puke from way back in the 90s. Hes guilty of crimes against humanity. Hes been collecting data to profile Americans since Windows was created. Hes also for some off reason buying tons of farmland and not growing crops on it. Hes the single largest private landowner in the country. What he cares about is bending you to the will of the one world totalitarian socialist govt plan hes helping to execute

  9. Telling us what Bill Gates said instead of showing us. Look at these scavenger reporters desperate for a story.

  10. Beware of false prophets…
    This is rich he is not God 🤦‍♂️
    He wanted to chip every one on the planet now hes some sort of God … wake up smell the coffee ☕

  11. Bill has done remarkable job by creating first software company. But Elon he's like Michaelangelo or Leonardo DaVinci. Elon's mission is to change the world. He wants to put a dent in the universe. Both are my heroes, but I like Elon more because of his visionary and flamboyant attitude. Musk in some ways the Steve Jobs of our time.

  12. My take, everyone is blowing this out of proportion… simply because it is Musk. The man is on a real mission to change the world; lead him, follow him or get the heck out of his way… #TeamMusk

  13. Forex and crypto markets are the best Online investment💯….keep it, simple guys, 👌