Elon Musk opens up about Amber Heard

Elon Musk opens up about Amber Heard. As you will see Elon Musk and Amber Heard have a long history together, they have been trough a lot and now Elon Musk does not want to have any connection with her. But what happened? Why this change? Let’s analyze


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  1. I think that what defines one's character is owning up to bad mistakes then you can truly achieve the sense of one's self awareness that they deserve to be loved no matter if the richest or poorest person in the world money can not by love just greedy people for there own growth and unless they get rid of the ones who use them then they will miss out on their one and only true soul mate, if someone loves you then there is no need to buy becouse love is Priceless and free she's has slagged him of and yet he's in denial love and light God bless you all xx

  2. Correction: Elon Musk is not the Tesla CEO nor Owner. He's a chairman on the board of directors, and owns a majority stock.

  3. JUST FILLING UP TIME? YES. i do that , by looking for affordable vintage costume jewelry, reading , petting my grey and white cat. Amber is a beautiful lady. I like that Elon purchased twitter, believes in free speech, is kind to his mother, and appears to have high intellect. I wonder if Mr. MUSK experienced any heated arguments while dating Ms. Amber? My girlfriend and I are both retired social workers and we discuss dating a lot . What to look for: how does a person resolve conflict, how does a person treat waiters and other staff, how does a person interact with elders and the young, does a person have good boundaries, what are a persons goals, levels of social skills, respect for the golden rule, reciprocal behavior and some common hobbies? My friend has to have the chemistry factor attraction and I dont put stock in it, at the beginning. Imho.

  4. God bless Donald Trump for being CEO of Twitter Democrats are going to have an awesome time

  5. Amber Heard recorded Audio 2 years ago not thinking it could backfire after she cut Johnny Depp’s Finger off. A Doctor and Nurse were called to the scene. Video and notes by YT channel incredibly average 2 years ago were added. The video alone was not admissible in court because it includes other people in video. You be the judge.

  6. What about the rumor of Ambers daughter being Elon's? Another child borne from a surrogate mother , why ?
    As i know , Elon's children are openly recognized by him and he is a caring parent but this rumor is weird .

  7. To be so darned intelligent and fall for the psycho AH. It's unbelievable.

  8. She's tough, she's bright, she's funny, she is beautiful and she is very good in bed. Period.

  9. They were not a couple this is lies played out by lawyers making money by keeping them seizing assets from their families

  10. Musks never had a relationship with amber heard . They never got along as children . In reality their identity has been stolen and they are brother and sister in real life who’ve never had a relationship because of religious separation . They have barley know each other in adult life other then arguing on the phone . They are jws adult children

  11. Stfu idgados
    Everybody talking about what we already knew so long ago?
    Get a fuckin job

  12. She’s so calculating, she knew how to start building a case against Franco and Musk! That’s why she mention them to her Psychologist and most importantly, why in the World bring them to where you used to live, with your “abusive” husband? She wanted to have evidence of both in that apartment; 1) For her own evidence, 2) To hurt Johnny, she knew he was gonna watch this, both men Franco and Musk have enough money to go to a hotel but for sure she convinced both of going to Depp’s place, just to make it “dirty”, which man is going to like his bed after watching his wife bringing her lovers… She had bad intentions from the start! 3) Elon offered her 24/7 security, she turned it down and days later gets a Restraining Order on JD daughter’s Bday. She’s evil, yesterday she tried so hard to bring names into this case but thank God the Judge gave so many Objections, even the Judge knows she’s lying. Nobody will ever believe her

  13. So elon shag her then she got the same thin, people we know for sure that elon is a felon now

  14. I noticed while watching this video Amber Heard still dressing like Johnny Depp

  15. Is there a Mr. Turd anywhere that would like a new marriage or is fond of abuse?
    If so, step right up!

    Good on Musk, for recusing to testify for her. RESPECT ✊

  16. "We become what we think about most of the time, and that's the strangest secret." –Earl Nightingale

  17. 3:54 can anyone confirm the timestamp? Sources say this is Johnny Depp's private elevator, so if they got together after AH and JD broke up, then why would it be taken place in JDs penthouse? … I know Elon is probably trying to save face but some battles are not worth fighting. Sometimes we gotta be like yeah, I fπ¢k3d up. End of story.
    Besides, most of Elon fans like him for other reasons and other skills he's astonishingly proficient in, like Tesla, Starlink, and Neuralink so trying to save his rep in this situation just seems trivial.

  18. She also beats elon musk during her time elon musk have scars in his face everytime

  19. THE MORE I HEAR OF EL0N doing these nice things for Amber… the MORE I LIKE HIM. THANK YOU, ELON.

  20. wen Elon gonna realize to stop chasing magazine girls and find a trustful friendship with normal girls and get married