Watch Elon Musk Walk the Red Carpet With His Mom

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to the red carpet in New York at the Met Gala on May 2. Musk took his mother Maye as his date. Musk mugged for the cameras and talked about why he bought Twitter for $44 billion.
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  1. meanwhile other celebrities start planning weeks a head this event , how thier poses , technics and walks will be in this two minutes .

  2. He’s such a troll😂 Part genius, 12 yr old dreamer, clock watcher, driven worker, merciless boss, searching, inventor, lonely, Peter Pan/Citizen Kane, and quicksilver explorer. Does he sleep?!

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  5. What a ham Elon is. Meanwhile Mrs. Musk is so elegant. He certainly had fun with the photographers.

  6. Aww I love ❤️ his mom, she is so pretty 🥰 Elon seems a little funny & spunky 👍

  7. He does occasionally look awkward like a science need at a fashion gala…. but then he is Elon Musk! Enuf said!!

  8. Elon Musk is a massive Fred Astaire fan and now he's finally getting to take some of Astaire's sartorial elegance into his own life.

  9. Anche la mia mamma!! A lei piace APARECER!!!! Kkkkk Anche a me piace bambino!! Kkkkk

  10. Elon be looking spectacular and his mom just absolutely super gorgeous !!! God bless them !

  11. Honor thy mother and father? And your days will be long in the land the LORD has given You. Even my mother said to me You are the worlds worst Still my mother was the best mother God had given any man on earth. Shalowm and Amen HalleluYahh.

  12. He is mad, a madness he got from his mother and the face and intelligence from a father.
    Total madness, genius,no fear is What made him wealthy when Nicholas Tesla failed, died in poverty to become just a name that Elon use.

  13. I love Elon Musk. Praying for Elon Musk radiant health and happiness 😊💜👍