Elon Musk JUST REVEALED The Plan TO STOP Russia's Invasion!

Elon Musk JUST REVEALED The Plan TO STOP Russia’s Invasion!

Elon Musk JUST INTRODUCED Combat Bots To Beat Russia!
Elon Musk Made A PEACE DEAL With Russia And Vladimir Putin
Elon Musk JUST BOUGHT And Renaming TWITTER!
Elon Musk Just Got A TERRIFYING WARNING From Vladimir Putin!


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  1. Interesting video, next we will hear that Musk will get the key to the country of Ukrainian once the war is over. Let’s see what the future holds.

  2. I found the page:
    PG 171 & 172 Most IMPORTANT.
    You could start from 149 ON
    May God Bless you🙏💖

  3. Isn't it just a little late to stop the invasion ,Joe Biden is a bad case too little too late and we need to thank him for kicking logs on the fire also and escalating the situation

  4. Lots of those people were killed by the Azov battalion nazis, fascist and they are putting them in children's hands. Send Humanitarian Aid, they need food, medicine 💊
    I can't stand listening to Russia hate, and there's a brainwashing of our people by censoring the correct news from us.
    I mean does anyone remember how they were part of the alliance during the German War in the '40s and they took out thousands of NAZIS and were the ones who liberated Berlin, and they also suffered great losses, and now everyone has to hate Russia 🇷🇺 and the Russian people. It's ignorant to obey your government. This would have been over if not for sending every kind of weapon, rockets and grenades which are being used by those Azov battalion to kill civilians. Do your homework Elon, I thought you were a leader 🤔 and not a follower to the looney in Washington DC 🤔

  5. .
    . This video keeps popping up again and again. It's old news made new again. Elon, you can do better.

  6. This is a recycled old story but with a may date put on it – you must realize that viewers who watch your videos aren't being fooled. You want to rerun an old vid?-fine, but keep the original release date on it !!

  7. Every BILLIONAIRE can choose to do GOOD or BAD… PUTIN and ELON MUST took different ROADS.

  8. If I were Elon I would never trust a country that poision's its adversaries. Never except
    food drink or even a glass . And never take your eye off of anything around you.

  9. Elon, I want some sort of a job in one of your business.Elon i would appreciate any blessing you could send my way!

  10. There is no invasion ! Get the facts right ! U.S bio labs and MASSIVE money laundering scheme4s need to end and for that, seriously, thank you Russia ! Also the Azov Battalion and it's many sister groups need to be put to an end ! So seriously, stop with the "INVASION" bullcrap !

  11. Fantastic. Internet with a low power wobbly dish. Kudos Elon Musk. This will win the war. War.

  12. Isn't it something when you have someone with intelligence helping instead of someone not working in the best interest of the world.

  13. Wouldn't it be nice to replace the buildings with ships you can live own…and travel too…let earth heal.

  14. If Elon is falling victim to the lies of the establishment Dems and Republicans and deep state to use Ukraine as another "friend" who hides our illegal weaponiable tech research like CCP China, creating the opportunity for crony globalist change drivers like the Plandemic this is one of the areas that he's blind to what really serves greater humanity. the best thing to stop the war is for US leaders and influences to push Putin and Zelesky to the negotiation table instead of calling for regime change in Russia which could well push a former KGB agent toward the nuclear option. The way the West is handling the issue, escalating the conflict with Russia hate speech and by refusing to acknowledge that Russia does have some legitimate claims in the conflict and suggesting a negotiated solution using fair referendums in disputed areas what people want – Russia Ukraine or their own separate nation state – and indicate what sort of government they would want as well – dictatorship, oligarchy, democratic anarchy manipulated by globalist cartels and superpowers, or a constitutional democratic republic that actually adheres to their constitution as the law of the land, unchangeable without a ln amendment process that requires overwhelming support of ALL the people, and uninfluenced by big money lievertizements from global cartels or foreign governments. something like the US was before globalist cartels and the CCP infiltrated almost every federal and state agency and party organization.