Bill Gates Says Elon Musk Could Make Misinformation Worse | WSJ

Speaking at the WSJ CEO Council, Bill Gates commented on Elon Musk’s plan to purchase Twitter and how he could make misinformation online worse. Photo: Simon Williams for WSJ

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  1. Remind me again how many medical degrees Bill Gates has, epidemiology degrees, years practicing at the cdc, and when he was elected to or served at the cdc?
    How in the living F is this man giving talks on medicine, healthcare and determining policy . When he should be in jail for raping girls on Epstein island

  2. Bill Gates is a crook!!!! Buzz off bucko! You’re a nobody……stop stealing tax payer’s money!

  3. He himself is the most DISINFORMED PERSON ON EARTH, 🌍 How dare he question Great Genius ELON MUSK🔥🔥🔥🔥🇺🇸

  4. Bill Gates is either being scammed, like a lot of elders today, by pharmaceutical companies or he just loves the smell of his own 🐂💩

  5. Elon is one of the few that has exceled in more than one domain…Bill as of today only did well programming. Its a common error just because you can do one thing well you and others think you can do something else well… common road to failure.

  6. Bill is a class act, unperturbed by Elon's childish body shaming posts on twitter. You do you Bill.

  7. Five minutes of actual research will confirm Bill Gates is a mass murdering monster with absolutely no concern for human life.

  8. The A.I. 🤖 in this comment section is mathematically vigilant enough to carry on its own threads creating conflict between real human beings and A.I. op accounts meant to create distractions & dis-info these are sick times

  9. I don't trust Gates for one second. I also think that he is really not that smart as he makes himself out to be. Well, you ask – if he's not that smart – how did he become a billionaire then ?
    A) the government handed him a monopoly. It's on tape and in the transcripts from the court cases. Go watch it /read them.

  10. Said the nutjob who wants everyone to eat plant based food and thinks a shield should be put around the sun.

  11. Read Gates body language… He is very very uncomfortable with fact that Elon bought Twitter and almost scared to death that people regardless of Red or Blue or what have you can voice their opinions freely. He or any other woke leftist never thought it wasn't cool to silence not only Trump but many other conservatives. Oh how the tables turn. ENJOY IT NOW DEMOCRATS. Look up the definition of a DEMOCRACY and see if coincides with your title.

  12. They must be getting desperate bringing this hated despicable peace of work back on the stage 🤡

  13. What a shame to limit free speech… that will backfire on them who initiated it on the long run. People see it, more and more people are waking up and taking a stand against the hypocracy from the far left

  14. Bill Gates should be investigated. Dr Campbell went through the recent Pfizer data released. Greedy people are guilty of withholding medical information which contributed to death and destroyed lives. The only misinformation I see is what the elites are peddling on the basis of greed.

  15. Elon musk, putin, xi, palmer luckey and trump are going down, in the next 2 years everyone that has been oppressed by these rulers will have drone swarms. millions, and they will dogfight anything palmer luckey can build and win. jan 6th will never happen again.

  16. Lol oh and Bill will do the right job? I actually trust Musk because he will answer anyone questions… People throw pie in Gates face…

  17. Bill gates needs to be sent to the outer limits of space in a rocket and forgotten about

  18. It's funny how he thinks that people ideas might be threatening to him and his projects.

  19. Musk is as public a person can be.Gates is unsure of musk's intentions but had no such reservations on a very private person intentions (Epstein) lol

  20. Bill Gates, how much money should Elon Musk lose for misinformation spreading on networks such as Facebook?

  21. Bill Gates is the Boomer economic rapist that shifted high paying jobs from America to China.
    Boomer Billionaires moved all their Factories to China and got Slave Labor and no Climate Change environmental restrictions or American Unions. At least Elon pays better than Union jobs and keeps American's and Chinese employed! What has Bill done for Blue Collar American's over the last 20 years???? How Much Money Has Bill Made in the Last 20 Years?

  22. Who would know better than bill gates about creating misinformation and abusing tech and social media to advance radical agenda.

  23. There is no foolproof way to have free speech and contain miss/dis information. This may or may not be true.