Elon Musk tells investors he plans to take Twitter public

FOX Business’ Dagen McDowell, The Fitz-Gerald Group principal Keith Fitz-Gerald and Washington Times opinion editor Charles Hurt discuss Elon Musk’s plans for Twitter in an effort to grow the platform’s revenue.

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  1. Edit button, so 2021. I take a screenshot,delete post,copy the texts using Lens then post. Take about 5 seconds. But yeah lol i wouldn't mind an edit button.

  2. No government official, in an official government role, should be permitted to use Twitter or other social media platforms.

  3. 🤔never been a subscriber b4 and has no plans to be a subscriber now

  4. Nothing has changed at Twitter. Just a few days Megyn Kelly posted something about some woke jerkoff failing at something and I replied "Get woke, go broke, become a joke, have a stroke, get cremated and go up in smoke". It was meant to be amusing but NEW Twitter is obviously STILL old Twitter. I was locked out for supposedly making a threat or some other asinine reason. So while you're heaping praise on Musk, how about stating the truth…NOTHING has changed in Twitter unconstitutional rules. It's just the same company with a new owner. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  5. Would be kind of interesting if trump bought in on that deal 😂😂😂

  6. The woke crowd are not capable of creating companies instead the last 10 years they just took over and conquered existing ones and if the left trys to create a new social media company it will fail quickly as their is not enough leftists users and normal people will avoid it

  7. I hope he buys McDonald’s too and fixes the ice cream machines and becomes the head of the Democratic Party as well it needs looked into too

  8. Brilliant! He'll get plenty of profit and the public will be in charge of the future acts of twitter. In fact EVERY utility is legally supposed to be public but that relies on a non-corrupt gov't to enforce laws unless they apply to the people, not the donors.

  9. Is this good news? Sounds like the ministry of truth and left wing got to him and said "no you can't own it privately, do what we say" and he folded.

  10. Democrats are still afraid of Donald Trump as of today…. good go president Trump.

  11. Lol he played them again, makes me wonder and think about the FUTURE plans lol love it all.

  12. Dont they know anything?
    The edit button will have a visable edit history(original post wil be shown next to the edit and the rest of the log you can click to open).. and edit function will be time gated.


  14. Like Trump before him, Musk is a master at manipulating and poking the "news media." Keep it up, Elon!

  15. It would be ridiculous for anyone to buy into social media which is dependent on what’s trendy. Twitter was made popular by the youth movement. As soon as it’s no longer cool it is left to the geriatric generation. I guarantee you Twitter is done as soon as Musk buys it.

  16. Wooah… Twitter executives are jobless; All Twitter got fired by Elon Musk. I heard about Elon Musk replacing new security guards on the Twitter headquarters front door. The security guard doesn't allow Twitter employees to return to work. He just place Space X employees, NASA, and Tesla Employees to enter Twitter. Twitter protested about buyouts. lol. it's too late.

  17. I'm so happy to be alive to see the day another crazy minded motherfucker finally got his hands on the money to stick it to the system. Glorious!

  18. I’ve never been apart of Twitter…. But now I think I might check it out! And I’ll buy some shares as well!

  19. Poor little ignorant Dem's. They can't even differentiate between HATE speech and FREE speech. To them, an ounce of prevention (NO speech) is worth a pound of cure. Thank God MY momma didn't raise no dummies!