Elon Musk hits back at suggestions he should have donated billions to charity

Elon Musk has detailed how his companies contribute to the good of humanity after a reporter questioned him about why he didn’t donate the $US44 billion to charity instead of purchasing Twitter.


  1. People need to stop worrying and deciding what others do with their money. That's socialism for you. I'll take care of my money and yours too.

  2. What people should instead ask is: why do I spend more than $10k on a new car when I could instead give that money to charity?

    We think it's different somehow, but it's not. The reality is that how I spend my money is none of your business.

  3. Who’s money is it? People telling others what they should do with their money. Jeez.

  4. Respect to him for going to the Met Gala, his presence must of enraged the elites and hollywood types.

  5. Isn't this the man who is doing THE most when it comes to saving the planet? Didn't he also call the UN bluff on "ending world hunger" with 6 billion?

  6. Twitter. What a joke. Why should anyone care what someone else tweets? I said it before and I'll say it again. If you don't like Twitter, leave the platform.

  7. I think I have heard that story before… Remember when UNICEF said "it would take USD 6B to end global hunger for one year", and then Elon said "he'd donate that, if UNICEF told them what was exactly gonna happen"? There's the deal: after money is over, then what? "More donations"? Wouldn't it be better to "solve the root cause" of the problems in the developing countries instead? Hold on a second, that problem is usually a rampant corruption in the authorities who usually receive the money of donations, authorities who as long as have good relationships with 🇺🇸 (or whatever authority for that matter), know they won't be ratted-out or bothered at all

    Charity patches a problem, however it doesn't solve it. Period.

    PS.: I would love to know if that people who say "Elon should donate that money to charity" have ever donated more than half a salary ever in their lifes 🙂… I bet most of them haven't 😪…

  8. Any criticism from BLM should be taken as a positive. They are just a bunch of hucksters and con-artists using the race card to rake in millions from liberal white morons.

  9. He's no hero, he's only serving himself,clearly! No point expecting. Do a little good act yourself. Don't be pretentious like this piece of crap. Every company including Tesla is functional for profit only not for ' betterment of humanity crap'

  10. No one had an issue with billionaires owning social media companies until now. They're upset that they cant control twitter anymore.

  11. Before thinking that people with wealth should give their money think about this, if you worked your whole life and become wealthy would you want to just give your hard own money away?

  12. Why.. so some CEO/CFO can make millions off his donation?

  13. Why didn't the reporters donate their money to charity instead of spending it on overpriced, ugly, indecent dresses?

  14. His mom must be the most proud and successful woman in the met Gala . She doesn't need to show off anything she is the mom of the most influential person on the planet .

  15. What charity? All those social problems solved by large dollar donations? Poverty gone & homelessness gone, right? Give us a break.

  16. Elon's mere existence is charity enough.

    I just really hope dude doesn't get assassinated.