Elon Musk Calls Out Media Covering Up Epstein Scandal In EPIC Tweet Thread

Guest: Danny Polishchuk
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  1. Just looked at that painting, thought the fact it had some owls on it was interesting… Bohemian Grove reference perhaps?

  2. Now that Elon Musk is threatening to uncover all the coverups, how long before he doesn't kill himself?

  3. Elon Musk created PayPal, revolutionized electric cars, and designed rockets to get to outer space and back again. But some commie clown at NBC has the gall to call him "not-so-bright" because he also believes in freedom of speech. Projecting much, Medhi Hassan?

  4. Elon Musk may have helped foil a plan by the Russians to attack US satellites using StarLink. Elon is embedded deep within the defense industry, and some of the things his companies are doing make Elon untouchable. IMHO, of course.

  5. First time seeing your channel, and for that I’m sad. Subbed, good content, good logical thinking and aligns with my views

  6. I'm honestly wondering at this point if Elon is just at the point where he's like "I've got some shit to say and I'm going to make it absolutely impossible for anyone to stop me"

  7. Musk is a fucking investor not a fucking rocket scientist or engineer. Are you guys that stupid.

  8. Rubbish….All hierarchical people and empire builders …have both friends and supporters and also rivals and enemies …and in response ALL hierarchies set up systems that give authority to themselves at the top..who make the rules …where they can judge, divide and subjugate other people to either be loyal, willing or compliant minions or not ….and each hierarchical groups uses a mix of positive and negative processes, practices and approaches… To manage and pacify their minions and undermine or bad mouth all their perceived rivals groups. Claim their hierarchy is better than others..

    So truth is what is new????

  9. The dude colonizing Mars singlehandedly is not so bright…… no but there are people reading not so bring that believe it

  10. It’s interesting how blindly people trust Elon . The guy who wants to microchip people and is building an intranet to connect all microchipped puppets.. this is your savior ?

  11. Say what you want, there's something unclean about elon, and elon got to where he is, not by his work, definitely not, check your history

  12. William Cooper's "Hour of the time" aired in 2001. This series can help realize how many different esoteric clubs exist and how they have spread throughout the world over Time. Then you gotta think that they will eat eachother eventually as this planet isn't very big to them anymore.

  13. If elon has evidence to share then so be it, everyone knows epstein was Clinton suicided.

  14. I heard of one-rich kid who ended up making millions by selling art…and he never went to art school! He made so much money he could afford drugs, sex-workers, super-cars! He is so rich, he can abandon Apple Macbooks as if they are used razor blades!

  15. The guy who makes money from Neurolink Starlink and builds cars in China. Think Musk has America's back. Musk is a front man for the Chinese Communist Party.

  16. This is why they label their enemies ists and isms. People like Trump and Elon have too much money and power to be silenced. They have dirt on people, and they could bury them at any moment. They know this. So they have to get ahead of the curve and start delegitimatizing them to the public so that, should unsavory information arise, the public will treat them like the town drunk. Reminds me of Crazy Ralph from the first two Friday the 13th movies. He kept telling the locals that the camp had a death curse and that they'd be doomed if they ever went back there. But he's Crazy Ralph, and who listens to the crazy guy? The only problem is, he ended up being right. Same thing here. If people think you're some sort of right-wing neo-Nazi, the public will just assume every "conspiracy theory" out of your mouth is propaganda.

  17. "He out-right called himself a socialist"

    No, he didn't. Elon is anti-socialism/communism. Get your head out of your ass and get out there on the street and actually do real journalism again. ffs.