Elon Musk BLASTS MSNBC Over Hunter Biden, Weinstein COVERUPS

Reason Magazine’s Liz Wolfe defends Elon Musk’s criticisms of the Democratic party.

FILE – Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, speaks to guests during the White House Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House, April 18, 2022, in Washington. Republicans are laying the groundwork to make Hunter Biden and his business dealings a central target of their investigative and oversight efforts. The financial dealings of the president’s eldest son will come under new scrutiny if Republicans win control of one or both houses of Congress this fall, as is increasingly expected. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File)

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  1. Our media don't have real journalist anymore, they're out for political agendas to damage the other side they dont like. We need to purge all media and reset

  2. Don’t be naive that musk is some climate change savior. Where does lithium ion come from

  3. She is a lier. Antifa and blm are both a arm of the left wing party. That is a known fact.

  4. American Politics is tear your hair out crazy…….Both Parties are obviously Right Wing in Terms of Policies only differ on Culture.

  5. That Blake woman doesn’t have a clue. The right hasn’t abandoned the classes, or class politics….when trump was in power, people were well off, more working class people actually working and immigration was controlled which meant there were actually jobs for people. What has Biden done?? Made everyone poorer and give taxpayers money to Ukraine 30billion of it. And she says the dems aren’t into Identity politics?? Is she high? Biden shouting and going crazy then psaki fake crying when desantos passed the bill preventing that rubbish being taught in preschool.

  6. Pronouns are the left/liberals/dems almost entirely. Nobody who affiliates with anything that is not the aforementioned labels uses neo pronouns.

  7. I mean there is literally an article on CNN today talking about how Kevin McCarthy wanted to use the 25th amendment right after Jan 6th. Thats an example that I did not have to go searching for. Its there, in front of us, for all to see. BJG is apparently someone who works in the news industry. Why is it so hard for her to see Kevin McCarthy as an example? Remember, she set an extremely low bar when stating that you cant find one republican who denounced Jan 6th.

  8. Americans essentially have only two parties they can go to, so endorsement one or the other isn't necessarily support for, but rather repudiation of the other party. In other words, Americans are yearning for a sane 3rd or 4th parties run by normal people.

  9. "not so bright billionaire"…..???? I would like to complain to the disinformation board. Does anyone have the number of that Julie Andrews wannabe?

  10. Ya Brianna, the right had nothing to do with Jan6 also. You are correct that Democrats didn’t uphold hardly anything they promised and did back step, but they did endorse some of the left radicals the same way the right did, give us a break on your personal definition of “politics” that somehow keeps you out of that.

  11. The families that own this world – that control vanguard and blackrock are changing the entire planet to operate on tyranny

  12. Briahna has it precisely backwards: The overwhelming majority of Dems refused to condemn the BLM/Antifa riots, whereas the overwhelming majority of Republicans did condemn the 1/6 riot.

    Why is that?

  13. There is no such thing as "free healthcare" or "free" anything that is bought and sold. Jesus…

  14. Speaking of disinformation, it's hard to imagine someone packing so much into 60 seconds as Hasan has, but he somehow managed it. As examples of the Left he forgot to mention open southern borders, blackout of any negative stories that could/would harm the party (Hunter Biden), pushing/inventing false narratives that harm the other side (Russian collusion), ignoring the destruction caused by BLM/Antifa and injecting race into everything when it has no relevance (Kenosha) and ignoring it when all evidence suggests that it does (Xmas parade, Subway shooter). To Hasan, the right "wants to give us white supremacy and no democracy." Seriously. Please cite the examples of white supremacy, the damage they've caused, and the conservative politicians supporting it. I always thought free speech was one of the hallmarks of a democracy. Isn't that what he's so vigorously advocating against? Not sure if this is willful ignorance, deliberate deception, or just plain stupidity on his part, but there's a reason the democrats are going to get obliterated in the midterms, and Hasan represents it perfectly.

  15. I think billionaires buying up all control of media and social media from either side is horrible. They pretend that republican and democrats treat the rich drastically different. The internet use to be open and a place for innovation and community. This was all before Microsoft, Google and Facebook buying out any and all companies and apps to gain control. The only real way to fix this is to quit playing on their playgrounds, that will probably never happen though.

  16. "What kind of psycho would make up a new pronoun," said Elon to his son X Æ A-12.

  17. "that's not the left"…. CRT is not being taught in schools….ANTIFA is not real… BLM helps black people. Progressives are so squirrelly and have no principals.

  18. The 1-6 so called attack WAS NOT an insurrection. They keep spewing this and most of America knows the difference

  19. How that ur boss tell metro pay me new I don't care about Elon if he have problem to me tell him to come tolk to me this lot people working this sepina it's been abous from puplic came it over I want this movement controlling my body bourn

  20. This reader need to stop or ur going to jail this child abouse getting to much it already trespassing so u new wat to do people

  21. Every time they bring a liberal on since krystal from ryan and now briahna I realize how out of touch they are and how I can never support that side now

  22. Robby’s point of view is bright white not right. He comes off sounding privileged and like he’s never held an actual “manual labor” job in his life. He’s young and inexperienced, he makes the show sound ignorant and uneducated.

  23. Dictators, use control, use threats, use fear, limit free speech, controls free speech, wreaks havoc etc all of which this administration has done and is currently threatening to do, such as a " misinformation ministry" The democratic party has been the racist party, otherwise Biden with 40 plus years of videos, statements and so on that has shown how racist he truly has always been.

  24. This segment, your all over map, it was like a word salad of sounds bytes not in facts that are out there…. disappointing.

  25. Can’t find anyone supporting antifa in the democratic party? Is the show live? Pretty much everybody condemned January 6th. Talking louder doesn’t make you right.

  26. Briahna loves to transition away from the woke progressive wing of HER tribe when it's convenient. Whether she likes it or not, they are part of her tribe. They are progressive, just like her. They fight for union power, just like her. They fight for minimum wage hikes, just like her. They fight for higher women's pay, just like her. They fight for free college, just like her.

    The problem is that her and her ilk won't outright condemn the extremist faction of her tribe, partly because as much as she may disagree with their radicalism, she agrees on much of the substantive underlying ideology and realizes they are pushing the country in the direction she wants to see.

  27. Just the fact that you two don't outright condemn the divisive and disgusting rhetoric of Medhi Assan shows how much this kind of toxic insanity has permeated our culture and we hardly bat an eye now.

  28. in regards to how far left the dems have gone let's remember that Joe Biden voted for a constitutional amendment to overturn roe v wade once upon a time. Now he's outraged by the very notion.

  29. We DO NOT need to spend hours exploring why voters are associating social justice issues with the Democrat Party. The reason is because the SJWs are Democrats. It’s guilt by association.

  30. Wow, brianna is one liberal extremist! Robbie needs to better defend the right. The right believes in state rights on issues like minimum wage

  31. So Dems want to give us free health care?? Then do it….but they won't…what a joke….GO MUSK!!!!

  32. Shocking! once again Bri deflecting, ignoring the 100% accurate criticism of the left, and being a good little sheep for dems. I can’t fathom why she’s still a part of this news organization. She’s just another puppet for the left, never has a fresh take, and always echos what you hear on MSNBC. 🙄

  33. Breena can't face that the demo party is totally moving to the left as Elon's meme suggested. She is trying so hard to defend those looney views. LOL

  34. How many republicans posted bail for the Jan 6 rioters vs how many democrats posted bail for rioters who burned and looted over the summer?