Exclusive: Bill Gates Talks Divorce, Jeffrey Epstein, Elon Musk

Bill Gates joins Savannah Guthrie on TODAY for a wide-ranging interview to discuss his new book, “How to Prevent the Next Pandemic.” He touches on conspiracy theories about vaccines, Elon Musk’s plans to buy Twitter, marking one year since his divorce from his ex-wife Melinda, and his meetings with Jeffrey Epstein.

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  1. How much did Gates pay for them to follow his script to make him look better in this interview??? This is pure damage control. He will be on a lot more interviews. Still unbelievable – keep trying Bill. Nobody believes your Epstein story, you openly show your jealousy towards Musk. Wonder why!!! In the end we humans will leave this world with nothing. You cannot hide anything anymore.

  2. Misinformation that turned out to be true ya mean?? This guy is another scary dude right up there w Fauci. I think he's a smart guy but he's a businessman and has agendas.

  3. Bill gates is the only man that can say a lot of words that just don’t mean anything.

  4. Unfortunately accurate- hmmm, coincidence? I think not. Arrest this man for crimes against humanity!

  5. Only stupid people hate this man. I find him to be a really nice, down to earth, humble and very generous guy. He changed the world for good through his innovations also.

  6. Melinda was cut deep when she realized the truth could be true…When you believe so much, you have the guy that is above the dishonest behaviors men live on a daily basis. The secret planes that turn in to strip clubs.. all of it. When it hits you that their not just there because, um its business, its golf, its lunch. She was strong enough to leave him. They both need to heal now.

  7. He has made billions upon billions on the human experiment he and his ghouls in big pharma he and his friends own and the death he's caused that he is giddy about according to his speeches in the private meetings he's had. He's a pig that needs to be roasted. That's why they hate free speech and fund anti free speech groups and are afraid of the twitter buyout because they are going to be exposed for the frauds they are.

  8. This can be a way to be a force used against people that do not want the vax or other forced medication. Just saying

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  10. Just a note doesn't seem that Apple has very many viruses but on the Android Windows based programs viruses are rampant are they created by the developer in order to shake us all down for four Money and hold Us hostage

    Ultimate control and domination of the human race

  11. Amazing bringing a pedophile and the person who is trying to dispose of the population through this virus that he has created in order to inject us with the poison said to be the cure which doesn't work and we will all pay the price of his Death Game!

    He is the ultimate criminal against humanity

    Read his Article 1999 George Magazine!!

    I put my copy away and pulled it out 2 years ago!!!

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  13. Bill Gates billionaire but he is mentally ill….not a doctor but became unqualified public health advisor. So why the medical students are wasting hundred over thousands to study to get certified as a doctor. All they have to learn a way to open foundation and funding important public health bodies and universities to make them to be their puppets…make virus…make vaccines. Bill Gates is a murderer 🤑.