Elon Musk Just Went BERSERK On Main Stream Media! Twitter Is Losing It's Minds Over His Latest Burn

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  1. *Sees 1984 book and the quote from back when it was being said about W's policies*

    Irony is so fucking thick…

  2. The far left is just realizing that EVERYTHING THEY STAND FOR is being TAKEN AWAY FROM THEM by the right. The left will lose all political power to do ANYTHING IN NOVEMBER. After NOVEMBER the trials will begin. Biden and Harris will both be IMPEACHED and PROSECUTED ALONG WITH HUNTER, CLINTON, COMEY, AND VERY POSSIBLY OBAMA if DURHAM DOES HIS JOB WELL. Main stream media will lose big as well and some big names in fake news will be indicted and prosecuted for Russia collusion frame job of Trump. GOOD TIMES FOR THE RIGHT, the DESTRUCTION of the entire left base.1🇺🇲🇺🇲😁😁☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠

  3. Wouldn't doubt if the far left burned down the food manufacturer plants frankly.

  4. It’s crazy and also sickens me to know that a lot of dumb people will be watching this asshole and believing what he’s saying. The way he talks about the “far right” is absolutely false. And if Trump is far right then far right equals cheap gas more money and happier times. This is actually treasonous to spread this type of false message.

  5. 3:13 "Far right wants to give us white supremacy and no democracy."
    1. The Far Right is a fringe group of hillbilly Anarchist who live deep in very rural areas in the Universe States. They don't seem to interact with the rest of the world. The "Far Right" the media speaks about is anyone Right of Stalin, using edited political spectrum results that, if looked at honestly and correctly, actually shows the reality that it is the Left Wing that has radicalized.
    2. The Republican Party, a right wing party, is the party of anti-racism. White supremacists nor Neo-Nazis are not Right Wing.
    3. The Right Wing is the wing of, and the inventor of the very concepts of, small decentralized government, liberty/freedom, and personal responsibility. Fascism, which is a centralized government system, is anti liberty and is anti freedom, is incompatible with Right Wing ideals.
    4. The United States of America is not a Democracy nor has ever been a Democracy. The United States of America is and has always been a Republic.

    Mehdi Hasan is a massive liar; Him and the very network he works for!

  6. loooooool! frE3 he4lThcAr3, yeeeeaaaaaaaah, riiiiiight! I'm from Poland, we got a little something here called a National Healthcare Fund, least that's the literal translation (though language is never to be translated literal or without context). It is basically a contribution-based fund, national, meaning it's being managed by a governmental institution, not a private company; you have a gross pay, from which your employer has to take a cut for various taxes and expenses he pays for you (which makes this your net pay), and healthcare fund contribution is one of them.
    But lemme tell you, people, they fuck you over 4 times before you can get anything done through the National Healthcare Fund (gonna use NHF for short now). First off if you opt to go that route when something happens to you you gotta wait in line. And to some specialists up to couple years! I didn't want to overdramatize, but we got a joke here in Poland that you can wait even up to 10 years to some specialists. In lines to some others not that much. A month or half a year seems like nothing here. So, now the real banger – if you just CANNOT wait, if time is of essence, you just put however money necessary on the table, dunno, sell your car or something, borrow from family/friends, I dunno (I'm joking, but you get the idea), and you go P R I V A T E .
    So all those clowns in America talking how general, public healthcare is better- NO, it is fukkin' NOT! At least in my shitty country. Another example would be UK, the so-called "Welfare State", but I've heard things ain't so good after Brexit, so that just goes to show that even bigger, richer countries cannot sustain this type of healthcare. In Poland people are envious of how rich America and Americans are- well, were, now that Democrats have Biden in office… and how your PRIVATE healthcare is one of the best in the world. And I'll leave it at that, with this nice parallel.

  7. Mehdi's coverage is pretty good but his take on this is a bias on his part.

  8. Where are the far-right Neo-Nazi groups?

    A bunch of people raise their hand

    That don't work for the FBI

    Everyone puts down their hand down

  9. I am very happy for your coffee brand coffee.
    I do hope you succeed as a coffee drinker myself.

  10. How bout you make a coffee vid and stop pumping your advertising during these unrelated vids.

  11. As an Australian who supposedly has "free healthcare": WE DON'T. Citizens earning over the tax threshold must pay 2% in tax every year for our Medicare scheme. And it only rebates you PARTIALLY. And not everything is covered by it. If you need physio therapy be prepared to purchase PRIVATE health insurance (often at $200+ AUD a month). And even then, you are only partially rebated. So on top of paying 2% in tax AND private health insurance, you also still need to pay the rebate which is usually at minimum $30 AUD. Trust me my Americans brothers and sisters, it's not all it's cracked up to be…

  12. Well, at least the coffee tease wasn't lying. Why do you guys think that we will stay once you've click-baited us? Where's the "BERSERK?" Liar. You're no better than Liberal Media.

  13. IDK why they’re afraid of free speech. The only thing that will change is the other side will have the same benefits
    That’s what they’re in a tissy about

  14. I wonder why NBC hires lobotomized people and shove them in front of their cameras….

  15. Mehdi Hasan is also a Muslim supremacist, which is the reason why he is Anti free speech. The desert cult will fall.

  16. NBC is starting to look a lot like the state controlled media of V for Vendetta…. lol. I personally don't think Elon is a literal genius. But to call him 'not so bright' is such a bad bad take. And no, Twitter wasn't 'given to the far right', LOL. WTF even does that mean?? NBC is indeed basically saying conservatives, even the mild on-the-fence middle of the road ones, are nazis. Wow.

  17. For a country who pride themselves on freedom of speech, there's a hell of a lot of arguing over freedom of speech… 🤔