Elon Musk and Lex Fridman podcast in space

Lex Fridman Podcast full episode:
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Chris Mason is a professor of genomics, physiology, and biophysics at Cornell, doing research on the long-term effects of space on the human body. He is the author of The Next 500 Years: Engineering Life to Reach New Worlds.

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  1. Can we stop pretending that the rich dudes are actually in space and not the upper atmosphere?

  2. You're an endearing, nerdy soul. Hope you get to live out your beautiful bromance in space. 😝

  3. This is Ground Control to major Elon
    And the podcast wants to know what is love

  4. Interesting…ok…well…so, am I allowed to say that the richest man in the world, pretending to be just a normal guy, is a gaslighting of Family Earth? Because, if I am, then, yeah, I’m saying that.

  5. So all these people are dying in Ukraine, gas prices are robbing low income citizens that can’t afford electric cars, thousands of minorities are being evicted because of this invented inflation, children are forced to pay high interest in student loans to save your life, mothers are paying $6 for a gallon of milk to feed starving children, stimulus checks have stopped coming when prices are outrageous leaving hundred of thousands of homeless, places like Venice Beach 🏖 is flooded with homeless tents, entire Middle eastern families have to hold up signs in Philadelphia begging for money to save their children, and all the while you want to waste the rare and precious limited resources we have currently on Earth, without being able to currently mine asteroids ☄️ or the moon or any other celestial body to conduct a pod cast in space! You want to just blow the limited fossil fuels we have to joke. I thought you graduated from MIT. So I guess you think what is going on is a big laugh.

  6. they wont need suits since theyre both robots, that'll be good for the quality of the video version

  7. Correction: Jeff bezos did not go into orbit. Blue Origin currently do not have a rocket capable of making it to orbit

  8. Wow, you're serious about podcast in space! I wonder, would you hop on the first crewed flight to Mars, if it was possible?

  9. Go Lex! Youll have over a million subs overnight if you pulled it off with Elon and we will remember how awesome you were before you reached for the stars and succeeded. 😅

  10. U gotta be carful what u say when ur friends with Elon!!!

  11. Elon had time to go visit Amber Heard at JD's apartment and even more time to make payments to the ACLU on her behalf, I'm sure he can make time for a flight

  12. Elon, Lex Fridman and Tim dodd should all fly to space like inspiration 4

  13. What if you go up and then possibly don’t get the chance to come back to a future family 😬😮 – not saying that I don’t have ALL my faith in Mr. E

  14. It’s a relatively safe adventure, but he is too valuable to risk. He shouldn’t cross a busy street by himself either. He should only go once he is fully retired, and probably not even then. On his death bed, more than fifty years from now, he could go. Maybe he could orbit the sun in the Tesla.

  15. Ten bucks says Musk figures out a way to have Lex do the first podcast from space. Elon knows an epic advertising opportunity when he sees it, and Lex is the perfect guy for the job. The only question is whether or not the black suit and tie will fit inside the spacesuit.

  16. Earths atmosphere isn’t “space”. Just like he said high altitude. The truth is always somewhere in the lie.

  17. Elon hopefully will never risk himself. the mission is greater than him and he’s the only authority as long as he lives.

  18. Elon isn't going to space for a long while. His time is worth about $1 million per minute solving problems at his companies. Also, space travel isn't zero risk and not much reward for Elon just to basically take a vacation in orbit for a few days. When Elon does go to space, it'll be when all his companies are running smoothly without him and there are tough problems to solve on the Moon/Mars.