Elon Musk Drops A BOMBSHELL And Predicts A Horrifying Financial Crisis

Elon Musk took to Twitter to share some investment tips and advised them to buy stocks in companies that make products and services they believe in.
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  2. Tesla stock will collapse the most ironically. Company achievements have nothing to do with the stock price. It’s a buyers sellers market.

  3. These are the same Wall Street analysts that completely missed the most consequential company in the world. Our lesson ought to be to do the exact ooposite of this crowd's predictions.

  4. Elon Musk is morphing into Howard Hughes 2.0 as fast as possible. Within five years he'll be living in the penthouse suite of a Las Vegas casino guarded by LDS members and saving his hair and nail clippings in plastic ziplock bags.

  5. The Dumb Arses in Govt. are CAUSING all the Inflation and bad economy, now they bring in the Money Monsters to clean up their mess…only they make it worse. Where did these MORONS come from?

  6. This was done on purpose .. did Janet yellen go to Davos 170 trillion dollars. World order Davos. She should be locked up .. American people.

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  8. Two dates stand out as a probable opposing viewpoint
    regarding the Market Crashes. Too many did not recoup
    their losses in prior collapses.
    Elons expert advice is always welcomed, yet in need of
    looking closer. I do like him.
    May 10th (11th).
    June 15th (16th).

    (Just a different educated perspective).
    "We shouldn't even be at this point in time."

    Sufficiency to all

  9. "Elon Musk predicts a horrifying crash" … video literally says NOTHING about a crash being predicted by Musk. Total lying b#llsh#t clickbait title. Unsubscribed – you are a f#cking pathetic liar!!

  10. My life has totally changed since I started an investment of $ 6,000 and now earning over $ 57,000

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  12. Yes long term investing is highly recommended during these times. Elon is spot on.