Grimes Reveals How Amber Heard Seduced Elon Musk

Grimes Reveals How Amber Heard Seduced Elon Musk

In light of the Amber Heard Vs. Johnny Depp case, Elon Musk has found himself in the spotlight for his past relationships, particularly with Amber and Grimes! (VO: Grimez) Word on the street is that Amber seduced Elon when he was with Grimes and Grimes knew all about it! Okay, did she really say anything about Elon and Amber’s relationship? We have all the juicy details!

So, you may be well aware that after breaking up with Amber, Elon started dating Grimes! They were rumored to be dating in May 2018 and they pretty much confirmed their romance when they attended the Met Gala together at the time. Well, from the beginning people found the pairing a bit odd with followers posting comments like, “What do Grimes and Elon Musk even talk about? I bet they just sit around the dining room making squirrel noises and drinking glasses of rocket fuel.”

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  1. So, Amber did not even got pregnant for the baby, did not went through any hermonal changes and physiological process to have that baby. And calling it her baby is rediculous. She just wanted a billionaire's sperm for her business scheme

  2. Sorry Amber is a joke but She’s gorgeous compared to Grimes. I see how Elon would be seduced by her.

  3. Sad how ambers baby announcement is ALL ABOUT AMBER and little about the baby.

  4. If a guy cheats on a woman, it is only his fault. Whether he got seduced or not, it is stil him cheating.
    I really hate Amber for what she did to Johnny D, she should get punished for this.
    But Elon's cheating is his cheating. People need to remember about this instead of blaming this kind of things on women.

  5. Over the years I have casually observed Amber either on her Instagram (she blocked me though after I commented years ago "Here is to the truth 🙂 😀" ….
    Anyway I noticed that from her posts she was most likely trying to still get Elons attention and/or drive a wedge between him and Grimes. Very very very predictable behavior… once you see it you can't not see it anymore. Anyway if it is true that her and Elon created embryos together at some point, then yes, I would think she would do anything at all to get her hands on them. As for Grimes though, I was so happy when her and Elon got together. But I have worried for her heart due to Scamber forever lurking in the background. Grimes is 10000000000000000x the woman that Scamber could ever hope to be. And I hope she always knows this. And that Elon never forgets it either lol

  6. I’m not so sure the kid is Elon’s, As douchey as he is, he seems to take care of & care for his kids., I don’t think he would not ever see the girl., ohh & SCREW AMBER TERD!!! Acting like all women can have IVF.. it’s very costly.

  7. this just proves that a genious like elon could be stupid in love, too. well, of course, that is if it could be really called love. it could might as well be that he was blinded, too, by amber's schemes. narcissists tend to be like that. they shower you with "love" to lure you so you get so smitten and dependent on them that you think it's love. when in fact it's control they want and thrive on.

  8. I like Elon musk HOWEVER! if he's the father of Ambers baby I have to say! ELON YOU BLOODY IDIOT! He is a genius and yet he did something so totally and utterly DUMB! Not to mention paying off her charity pledge! You idiot! Elon you complete and total dumb ass. If he is the father he better get that baby away from her ass! Somebody please tell me a genius like Elon isn't THAT stupid! The hell dude WHY HER!

  9. Grimes is so repulsive to look at. Her hideous personality and lack of any maternal feelings doesn't help.

  10. Not a fan of Amber Heard but Grimes is a weirdo, just goes to show Elon has very bad taste in woman.

  11. Grimes reminds me of those unpopular kids in high school who really, really, really want to be cool and they are trying so hard, but they are so neurodivergent that they don't even understand what being cool to neurotypicals looks like and they just come off as overtrying and weird and yes, I have Aspergers and I wasn't popular either, but I was judging those Grimes type of kids silently from the shadows. GOTTA TRY LESS SOMETIMES!

  12. I did lose respect for Musk when he dumped Grimes for Heard. Then Elon complained about how hurt he was when Amber dumped him, like it's karma, get over it.

  13. Take that child away from Amber Heard shes a violent ticking time bomb the judges failed that infant miserably. Give her full custody to Mr Elon Musk and Grimes

  14. I need to slap myself for giving my attention to these bulls it YouTube channels😖, but people, Grimes hoaxed you hard with “baby X” (or whatever that doll’s name is) and dated hm briefly before his death in Malibu but AFTER he dumped Amber due to her obvious personality disorders

  15. This clickbait has no sense, i only know Musk and Grimes have a kid, and he was with Amber Heard before Grimes.

  16. Neither of these fruitcakes have children, thankfully, but Elon’s first wife Justine Wilson has five sons by him.

  17. I swear I have NEVER seen a crazy person like Amber…she's like the queen of being an awful psychopath.

  18. Looks like Heard is going after men with lots of $. She's a predator. She now has a baby (more like uses a baby) to hold over Elon, that is, if he's the father. But we all could be wrong because Elon has fathered sons only.

  19. Uh oh.. I see where this is headed especially after her downfall. .She is going to BREATHE DOWN HER DAUGHTERS FUCKING THROAT.

  20. Why people not married? And made baby.. Why they just made relationship and when they want baby , they went to surrogate mother?