Elon Musk’s Billionaire Games – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Trevor’s no finance expert, but the details of Elon Musk’s Twitter buy seem a little weird. #BetweenTheScenes #DailyShow

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  1. Welcome to the modern day financial system where everything is a scam and nothing makes sense

  2. Trevor’s communication skills are incredible. 👏💕 This is his calling, no doubts about it. Thank you for all you do, Trevor! 👊🏻

  3. Rare oversimplification from Trevor. He fails to mention that we all have access to this if we are homeowners. We can borrow against the appraised “value” of our house, but we can’t spend the money that value represents.

  4. Trevor welcome to the world of finance . Once you can evaluate something in the finance world you can buy and sell it and buy covers for it and so on , you just got to evaluate it

  5. Trevor we all can do that, for example if your home has some equity you can borrow against it. We cant income tax the people everytime the property market goes up or down, right?
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  6. Trevor should do a segment on IPOs and how VCs/investors profit off of them. Everyday folk with no access to the pre-sale price on private markets end up buying at initial IPO and losing money as investors and sometimes company employees (if there is no holding period) do massive sell offs. Institutional investors have access to HFTs and thus microwave networks which allow them to trade faster and get the best execution prices

  7. What you say might be right but just admit it Elon is a threat thats why you suddenly start talking trash about him

  8. Ok. Ok..🤔.. Where exactly can you become a President/leader of wherever because I'm thinking we just do that!!😀👍Am I Right!?!??! Ohh yeahhhh… I'm totally right…😌….

  9. Now you're just being logical… Taxing assets makes sense to me. They do it to cars and houses.

  10. when comedy is agenda and propaganda based, polarised, it aint too funny to those who see the big picture. The democrats hate Elon Musk and Mr sneaky xhosa , Trevor will do their bidding under the shadow of subterfuge!!! Dont like this biased, fake dude. Many times painful to watch his and other usa late night comedy. So polarised and either left or right party lackey!!! Bill Maher is the best i can tolerate so far, mostly genuine, slips here and there, despite his conviction.

  11. Suddenly everyone ís a financial expert 🙄Trevor's argument is fundamentally wrong. Of course you can use unrealized assets as collateral. That's the basic principle of each home loan. And you will get taxed on your wealth eventually, as you will pay CGT when selling the shares. You can't buy bread with shares.

  12. Greatest comedian of all time explaining financial leverage. Jay Z tried and failed on 4:44.👏

  13. But the funds used to buy the stocks are tax before they were being used to buy stocks. Even if Elon sells the shares, he only tax on profit not on the whole value of shares. The system is there to serve everyone, but only few use it.

  14. Sorry Trevor, you obviously dont understand taxation, lol – taxes are levied on income (mainly). You dont get taxed on your asset value (not in free countries at least). And the stock market is easy to understand, its like any other market. Prices are set by willing buyer / willing seller, you could do that same at the grocery store, you probably just refrain from negotiating in that circumstance and so accept the sellers price when you present your selected items to the cashier (which legally is actually a purchaser offer to purchase – because you refrain from negotiating (which you are entitled to legally), its implied your offer is equal to the price on the price tag). Basic commercial law …

  15. What I don't get is how do they pay back the loans without selling stocks and paying taxes on it?

  16. No different than showing your brokerage accounts (including margin) in getting a loan from the bank to purchase a home.

  17. I never thought of it this way , Travis Wright should not use stock as collateral

  18. Wall St is a scam lol, but if you learn TA, they leave hints about what's coming because it takes time to move those huge positions.
    Can recommend resources if anyone wants

  19. His brain just built differently that let him see things with different pov. A great gift.

  20. The Rich Person's biggest scam IS the tax system, which caters to them SAYING they're rich when they want something, and not rich when they don't.

  21. yeah, thats why THE WORLD is 59trilion in debt to "SOMETHING" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. Something I've been saying for a while, the stock market is just a big scam for the richies to play us in.

  23. So why do they get away with this?
    In the words of Ryan George: "Money money money!"
    90% of poilitics seems to be money: it's all about getting elected and e-elected, so it's all about (1) what does the public know about you and (2) election campaigns (which by now have turned online to influence point (1). )
    And election campaigns are expensive, so now it's all about getting donations.
    And then you've got the banks and millionaires and billionaires and companies who donated going "hy, remember me? There's one of these clue-less liberals again going on about how I should be paying taxes, can you believe it?"

  24. Well pur Trevor this is how the billionaires keep generating thier wealth cause it can not be taxed. Keep exposing the system great job 👍 .