Bill Gates Attacks Elon Musk Over Medical Misinformation On Twitter


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  1. Trevor Noah is a fraud like the rest , his comedy sucks…He used me as click bait when the Trucker convoy in Ottawa started….I wasn't even there the day the Nazi flag happened…Which by the way was wasn't flown as a "White Supremacist " thing …It was flown as reference to the Treaudau Liberals acting like Nazi's.

  2. I really hope Musk gives Trump his Twitter account back.
    Not that I agree with everything Trump says all the time but I absolutely agree with the right for people to say stupid s**t.

  3. Oh we won the culture war? It doesn't feel like that war has ended yet to me

  4. When I think about Bill Gates motivations I think one of two things, either he is secretly working on life extension or wants to kill off humans because we are “destroying the planet”

  5. Does Bill Gates mean as opposed to the current medical misinformation that is propped up by this authoritarian government and censoring MSM?

  6. Anyone who is responsible for Windows should not complain about ruining anything. Windows ruined the hobby computer scene and gave us the most horrible excuse for an operating system.

  7. Musk v Gates is like Predator versus Alien – two human hating entities battling for control of humanity. There is no "good guy" in this scenario.

  8. LOL…I remember when I heard that Gates had donated HALF of his wealth to charity…aww how sweet…later found out the “charity” was planned parenthood…insert*vomit sounds*here.

  9. Bill gates is a fkn reptile hell bent on population control allegedly!🤣 the mortality/side effect rate is fkn higher than the sickness fk that

  10. I’d be happy to test all medical products on Bill Gates.
    Never forget he’s a son of Bankers and a Eugenicists who saw how useless he was growing up to be so they bought him all the code.

  11. I can't wait to see America great again when everybody has jobs everybody has great retirement plans when healthcare is way down so everybody can afford it we we have to rain in The corrupt corporations drug companies get rid of Obama career And abortion on demand.😳🍻🍻🍻🍻🥊 God-bless America

  12. We're worried about other countries trying to kill us we have our own people trying to do that.😳 We need to destroy them.

  13. God gave us free will and courage to use it, we don't need satanic guide rules.

  14. He should know more about fatality rates than anyone else….. How many children has he killed in India and Africa