Inside Elon Musk’s secret pitch deck to investors (Ep. 596)

Can Elon Musk make it happen again like he’s done at Tesla, SpaceX and more?

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  1. If I invest in Tesla, am I also investing in Twitter? Isnt he going to buy Twitter and return cash to rhe current shareholders? is there a way to invest in new Twitter?

  2. what's the part about selling user data? I wonder if he has a new model for that?

  3. Beautiful look into your family life. Great to see the human side of people. Enjoy Dave!

  4. Great insight into the Twitter acquisition, another Elon stroke of brilliance. Enjoy your camping in the Grand Canyon, so beautiful!

  5. Man what a missed opportunity – if you dont stream the Grand Canyon – you werent there!

  6. Elon creates products that change entire industries for the better. Twitter could very well be the Tesla of social media. I'm looking forward to this. Enjoy your travels, Dave & family!

  7. Dave, thank you for sharing a snippet of your family trip. It brings me great joy to see a man putting his family at the front of priorities. Life is not all about stocks, money etc etc. You are creating priceless memories with your family – Great Dad!