Elon Musk opens up about Johnny Depp

Elon Musk and Johnny Depp are not the best friends, that’s for sure. There are a lot of articles and reports trying to slander Elon Musk, but why? Elon Himself commented on the current situation between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. This is a very complicated story so, let’s analyze it


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  1. Narrator, it isn't collaborate his story, but corroborate his story. Collaborate is to work together, corroborate is to second, agree, uphold his story.

  2. Musk can't deny he took her to court to destroy the embryos he gave her that's a fact court records are public so

  3. This is probably mostly false. At least one major talking point-Musk isnt “too hard” to subpoena. This case is not a criminal case so all they have to do or can do is request his testimony. He has ZERO obligation to abide. They can’t subpoena him for this type of lawsuit.

  4. Nasty, things said by Jonny, so arbitrary to sweet man. …..These guys , ( suggestion), need Think!!! And that no one is not expendable, off bad behavior. Amazing arrogance.🤔🙏🌅🇺🇸🇩🇰🗽

  5. Las personas como ella te envuelven y si caes caes ella no lo hizo con Elon porque el no está vulnerable como Johnny Elon es un tipo fuerte parado bien en la tierra la hubiera hecho bosta ella lo hizo con Johnny porque era el menos pensado del q todos quedaríamos eee y como el dejo pasar las cosas entre ellos ella dijo aquí mismo no contó con q Johnny dijera basta y mas cuando sabes que Tienes lo más valioso del ser la verdad honestidad y la personalidad de decir admito si hice algo lo siento pero la verdad ante todo y por eso salió hablar y para que el mundo sepa su verdad y que su nombre siga limpio como su carrera 🇺🇾🧉🇺🇸mi humilde opinión vista desde afuera

  6. In all honesty it really has nothing to do with this case. He has no reason to have any issue with Johnny.

  7. "Musk has many personal and professional reasons not to get involved in his ex's legal matters." Nailed it.

    Musk is a master at public relations. Previously, it was beneficial for him to be seen with Amber Heard (adding to his "cool" persona being affiliated with Hollywood). Today, having an association with her will not help his public image and distract from his more important objectives. Elon is playing his hand carefully. We have a video on Elon's PR tactics if anyone is interested.

  8. so it's up to Elon to choose whether or not to be subpoenaed… now you try avoid being subpoenaed the 'justice' system is a joke.

  9. Correction, she was sleeping with the worlds richest man. I think the light bulb has gone on for musk, never ever ever again

  10. Elon knew too much that he decided not to come forward for the sake of not having to lie for Amber on the stand!! move!!

  11. There is a video with time & date stamps of them in the elevator going to Johnny's Penthouse while he was out of country.. I don't have it saved but I will look & if I find it I'll share the link back here…

  12. Musks taking a wide birth on this one, its all understandable why would he put his own name and reputation at risk for Heard. After all it was probably just a fling as he quickly realized that Heard was a nut case.

  13. I think when it came out that she felt nothing for him he bailed on testifying.

  14. I don't know why handsome, rich, famous and smart men like this kind of woman. They only see the beautiful face but it doesn't mean a good person. Almost always are gold diggers. Otherwise, a lot of good women will never have a chance with them.

  15. Elon dodged the bullet on this evil vile Amber. I'm sure someone told Elon she's a narcissistic manipulator and he called it the quits.

  16. Learn how this trades works and break them down to science, then construct them you will be surprise with what you come up with…

  17. When did hesrd leave ecb. There would be records. Poor Alejandro Romero would have to testify again


  19. Un hombre tan "inteligente " dominado por una mujer malisima, que decepción !!

  20. Elon musk got out of that relationship just in time. This woman is a gold digger

  21. Dude paid half million to f her. Proof is in the donation made to aclu on her behalf.

  22. She's a low character in famous movies and she's the main character in not well known movies…is it just me or is she dating these ultra famous people just to get famous?