Why Elon Musk Thinks A HORRIFIC CRISIS Is Imminent!

Why Elon Musk Thinks A HORRIFIC CRISIS Is Imminent!

Elon Musk JUST INTRODUCED Combat Bots To Beat Russia!
Elon Musk Made A PEACE DEAL With Russia And Vladimir Putin
Elon Musk JUST BOUGHT And Renaming TWITTER!
Elon Musk Just Got A TERRIFYING WARNING From Vladimir Putin!


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  1. "It is harder for a rich man to go to heaven than for a camel to enter theye of a needle." Jesus Christ. Sorry Elon. I like you but im poor, and im gonna miss you.

  2. Don’t believe in this story tale! Russia selling oil till now “under the table” and buyers making money on end users

  3. No kidding battery operated tanks helicopters ships. 6 fleet runs on Duracell. Get your batteries before China don't send them to USA.

  4. Hi Sir Elon, can you think about retrofitting existing cars to electric cars or truck? Because if we junk all cars and trucks, it will be horrible situation of metal junks. Hopefully this is an eye-opening moving forward into saving our planet. Thanks!

  5. Really we need Elon to make this point clear to our hero’s in government? 12 months ago this action was needed – with a drastic threat – drill or we will flood the market tomorrow. The damage is already done. Inflation is in full swing and the funny part it will hit every one. Also Elon. No longer can he gobble up all resources for cheap. Funny how this goes. Energy cost is going up and affects everything. This is why it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that this is not good.

  6. What about all the millions of gallons of radioactive water dumped into the sea since the day of the accident.?

  7. The crooked US government started all this garbage in 2014 when the CIA had a coup against a democratically elected government , this "stand for Ukraine " nonsense is to hide crimes in the cesspool of corruption the call Ukraine!!!


  9. No Russia has nothing to do with our oil prices that's just an excuse in Mexico their gas is still cheap why because they have their own oil there we have our own oil in America too but are corrupt government had the Russian collusion and this is what it's about to hand over our weapons to them and our money to them because it's something deeper there is no reason why our gas should be up has nothing to do with Russia that's just a b***** lie

  10. This sounds less like 'ELON MUSK' to a 'propaganda' piece by Socio-Communist DemocRATS looking to mis-lead the understanding of how President Brandon's (i,e, Joseph STALIN Biden) plan to destroy The Republic of the United States of America through THE GREEN DEAL. Also, please note that GAS PRICES WERE RISING LONG BEFORE TOVARISH PUTIN WENT INTO UKRAINE. 3/4TH OF THIS PIECE IS SHEER DEMOCRATIC DEMAGOGERY ! DEMOCRATS ARE GONG TO FACE A RED TSUNAMI COME 2022 & 2024 !

  11. They can't just restart dormant nuke power plants. Gov't planning, over site and approval would take 5 to 15 years. Look how the left wailed when Trump suggested the same thing a few years ago.

  12. What about the billions of gallons of radiated water per day being dumped into the Pacific?

  13. Lest we forget, on the first day of the Biden presidency, he canceled the Keystone Pipeline.