NY Times blasted for Elon Musk 'smear' piece

‘Outnumbered’ panelists react to Tucker Carlson’s correct prediction that the left would label Elon Musk a ‘racist.’ #FoxNews

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  1. Unfortunately the lazy and ignorant will always outnumber the rational and conscious.

  2. U guys will be surprized how black people in South Africa uses apartheid as an excuse for corruption and crime in this country. The liberals and progressives are starting to do far more damage than apartheid could ever do. Apartheid was never good in any way, but the leaders of the time had reasons why they acted the way they did, which was to protect the Afrikaans race, who was under attack from both the black and British at the same time for hundreds of years. It was a sort of retalliation to protect their own, but ended up doing more harm than good. That being said, u need to know someone's history before u can comment.

  3. Free speech in South Africa is against the law. If you would do free speech you will end up in jail.

  4. Let them continue their unbearable attacks everyone knows what game they are playing. And it does not taste good to anyone. except for a few very angry people ..

  5. Thats a stupid statement. Im in a country seperated from 'black people' coz we don't have any. Doesn't make us racist. Its only recently we started getting Asian and Indian.

  6. who cares if he is racist? he has the right to be just like everyone else. it perfectly legal.

  7. I'am from South Africa and I know what Elon is doing is all in Our Heavenly Father's PLAN You go Elon love what you do by the way I'm not WHITE .ALL BEBLESSED .

  8. Stop talking about racist! Elon is at present fighting for Ukraine! Get Putin negativity into your little talks!

  9. That NYTimes tweet is misinformation and yet Elon Musk left the tweet because he believes in Freedom.

  10. Perhaps Elon should suspend any accounts associated with NY Times. As my grandpa used to say, 'What's good for the goose is good for the gander.'

  11. This is America anything is possible. Can you really ask for anything more. It's out there for anybody who wants it.

  12. It's time we vilify the president of the United States and his administration and get them f**** people out of here

  13. The only part of this country that's racism are the ones that keep injecting it into a conversation. How dare them have the audacity to accuse Elon Musk for being racist when he was raised in a predominantly black country let alone area gosh I'm sick of the disinformation coming from the administration these people are lying out there freaking teeth

  14. Ladies and gentlemen our number one threat is sitting in the White House in Washington DC driving this country in the ground
    Nobody's going to tell me that these people don't have better things to do with my time that I'm paying them for then to go after Elon Musk and Donald Trump two very patriotic individuals whether you like them or not ladies and gentlemen those people in Washington need to be doing our business not their personal business not business that we're not paying them to do business to keep them in power we're not paying them to go after people like Elon Musk or Donald Trump or Pee-wee Herman we're not paying him for this garbage we're paying them to do America's bidding and the state of this country right now in every single corner is the result of their lack of ability to do their job they're facing our tax money they're abusing our time they're abusing their power Washington they're corrupt in the FBI they're making illegal in pieces on a city president why are tappingprivate citizens why are tapping the president of the United States of America why are tapping the executive office planning false evidence in computer servers these people are pathetic and sick and they need to be terminated we can't continue as a country happy need an idiots run this country in the ground as they are successfully doing I won't let it happen wake up

  15. This what to do to Donald Trump because he was right
    this is what the Democrat party is doing with our tax dollars this is absolutely an insane. And the American people and are elite in Washington are getting fed up with this crap. Elon Musk is done more for humanity and this country than anybody else on the planet just in tax paying but that's not the issue here racism should not even be the issue here folks the issue here is we have a country that is in bad shape right now because of an Administration that is controlling our Washington DC and everybody in it the problem here is these people have to spend our tax dollars doing what we pay them to do and that's to make America a better place to live and protect the people in it and this Administration is wasting our money our tax dollars our time our schedule and sacrificing our country to go after somebody that's done more for this country than anybody combined in Washington we have to put it into this Administration and the people that are running this country in the ground

  16. This is why it's a very good example for your white people to stop falling the words racist or sexist. Just live your life, succeed, live well and stop falling for the BS. Grow a backbone

  17. Has anyone seen the movie 2000 Mules? I heard it's mind blowing. Funny how Fox has banned it from on air mention. Hiding sumn Fox? lol… we'll know soonly enough.

  18. Teach your kids your own values, the freaks aren't having any kids and grooming just got 100 percent harder.

  19. The woke media are doing all they can now to stop him from putting an end to censorship. NYT will be going the way of CNN. They are all going down.

  20. Elon Musk does NOT stand for free speech! He horribly terrorized Martin Tripp, Doxing Tripp, falsely accused Tripp of threatening violence to the Tesla factory. Musk terrorized Tripp to the point Tripp had to move to Hungary. Musk bought Twitter mainly to control the narrative and silence or freely attack his critics and enemies. Musk is vicious and DOES NOT TRULY BELIEVE IN FREE SPEECH! Musk is a monster in a "free speech" costume.

  21. DO NOT idolize this Musk! He's NOT an all round good guy. He terrorized his own Tesla employee, Martin Tripp, who blew the whistle about unsafe working conditions at a Tesla gigafactory after reporting it internally multiple times. Musk terrorized Martin Tripp until Tripp had to flee the US to live in Hungary. Musk bought Twitter to better control the narrative and silence his critics or perceived enemies, NOT for free speech.

  22. Elon is an American citizen, meaning he was vetted by Homeland security. It also means he has no criminal record.
    Like all of legal immigrants he is therefore superior to 33% of Americans who can't say the same.
    So why is everybody critical of HIM of all people? Jealous???
    American media needs to focus on problem Americans and rather proudly acknowledge the clean newcomers with excellent backgrounds and minds.
    It's in the interest of the US.

  23. Hey wait a minute here wait just one minute lady or should I say foxy lady. Didn't abide Administration just implement a disinformation committee or organization that works under Homeland security Elon Musk being a racist is 100% total disinformation and if the United States government is going to come after the American people for spreading disinformation than the American people better wake up and go after the United States of America for doing the same thing so that committee Eastern either needs to be abolished or the Washington needs to come to grips or up there trying to accomplish here either way the disinformation committee is a joke and a waste of taxpayer money Elon Musk being a racist is a waste of time and a waste of money and a waste of effort and a waste of breath.