For this episode of Gun Meme Review, Elon buys Twitter, I get banned (and resurrected) from Instagram, and Garand Thumbs oopsie.

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  1. Thanks for watching guys! And thanks for the support during my brief unplanned vacation of getting Zucc’d. Anyhow, if you have gun memes that you’ve seen that you’d like to submit, be sure to put them up on the Reddit!

    Thanks to SDI for sponsoring! Again, it’s for more info!

  2. I own five Keltec firearms, two shotguns including the full box 30" barrel bullpup, the RDB, the 24" RFB and the Sub2000 in 40SW. I've taken the shotguns out quail hunting, the RFB deer hunting and the Sub2000 is a great toy with a 1000 yard green laser. I do like the Sub 2000 but I know what you mean.

  3. So the pilot named Crash was his last name Bandicoot by any chance?

    Yes I made dumb joke.

  4. I carry glock and M&P. Got a full size glock and a subcompact M&P, both are perfectly fine with me. I've had more jams on my Glock (exactly 1) compared to my M&P (exactly 0).

  5. There is a convivence store in Mesa AZ or maybe Gilbert that sold Alcohol, Tobacco, Guns and ammo, knives, video and porn magazines. I always called that place…ONE STOP SHOPPING!