Elon Musk Is Buying Twitter for $44 Billion | Adults React

Elon Musk is buying Twitter for $44 billion — what do our Reactors think of this unprecedented buy? Do you think Twitter will be better or worse with Elon Musk as owner?
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Adults React To Elon Musk Buying Twitter! | React

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2:23 White House Response
3:45 Elon Musk Twitter History
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  1. Like wtf are they talking about? One second they seem to be fully agains Elon 5 sec later say shit like “yaa I understand why ppl like him”. And can someone tell me what Elon can do that the last Twitter owner couldn’t?

  2. Elon Musk did NOT buy Twitter. He had been arrested while an actor or clone is playing his role. 😆

  3. Twitter couldn't pay its shareholders. If he hadn't done it they'd have gone bankrupt due to mismanagement. Also, "I am a free speech absolutist" seems to terrify the Left for some reason…

  4. Those are the same people who probably walk by a homeless person and wouldn’t even give them a dollar but wanna talk about someone else money.

  5. Does that moron really Believe we only need 6 billion to end world hunger takes a lot more than that

  6. You can tell how Bias these people are by they're reactions, especially that women spouting how she pays her taxes like she deserves a medal.

  7. They picked the most liberal people no right wingers or even in the middle people one sided

  8. The fact this channel still holds any relevance is beyond me. Stick to having people react to funny shit instead of commenting on world views

  9. He's not paying for the military I pay my taxes for the military. He literally paid more than any human in history 🤦‍♂️

  10. Do you think Twitter adheres to free speech
    Reactor: it's not what society thinks it what users think so it's not accurate.

    WTF no shit they use it the see the issues, no people in society who don't.🤦‍♂️

  11. There are around 300 million active users on twitter out of 7.9 billion people in the world. That means whenever an powerful American on a high post and power tweets something , 97% of the world hasn't heard that shit. Twitter is not even that huge it's only a small portion of the world that has access to it.

  12. LOL DT is also the same man who tweeted back in 2009 "If I ever run for president, then please shoot me." The lies he speaks. Y I K E S. I understand people want free speech but free speech such as hate, ignorance, racism, LGBTQIA+ hate and any other form of such should not be allowed or ever tolerated. Bullying should never be a form of "free speech." People need to know the difference. Also good luck keeping people IF the man decides to make it a pay to use app.

  13. Heard you guys limit certain view points. Would’ve liked to have seen someone with an opposing view. I’m sure there was someone that didn’t get the spotlight here ..

  14. She said it would cost significantly less to end world hunger than it would to buy Twitter? What the??? Where are all the celebrities donating billions?

  15. Hate speech is free speech and that is a tough pill to swallow. Inciting violence is not free speech

  16. It's his money ya plebs why don't yall get rich yourselves and end world hunger fricking hypocrites

  17. Hi. I've been watching this channel a few months now. I never seen you do any NASCAR reactions. I would like to see grown ups react to it. Just to scratch off the list of NASCAR being in the channel. But I would like them to react on NASCAR's best finishes. Please and thank you

  18. oh thats why i stopped watching this channel and only come back for there old stuff.

  19. The democrats are saying now what Republicans been saying about social media its because they are losing control

  20. “6 times the amount to end world hunger “ so you telling me that 6 countries can’t give out 7.333 Billion to help this problem?

  21. I also bought a bird for $44 dollars but I fed it to the kids in my basement, we are not the same

  22. He actually has partners, so his share's a little over $20 Bill' – cheap, really.

    To para-phrase Andy Capp – "Anyone should be able to say what they think – provided they THINK."

  23. Just so people know, the United Nations did NOT come up with a plan to end world hunger, like they said, they came up with a plan to combat it. Which is what they have been doing for decades. Elon Musk is doing WAY more for humanity than the UN has ever done, long term.

  24. They all talk about the …wold hunger … but one there not doing anything either. Second he was willing to give the money but the un never really did answer eons tweet ….so…. OK
    And it's his money why should he fix anything

  25. 44 billon would only solve world hunger just for a month.
    Let me ask you question why wont we ask the previous owners of twitter to "solve world hunger 6 times" huh? o better yet why peoiple wont ask to our current goverments to give a percentage to solve world hunger? USA, china, EU, etc..

    here is some maths:
    44 Billion / 669 Million (2019 stats) = 65,76$
    if a human need at least 2$ for a "decent" daily nutrition
    this would only "solve" world hunger for a month.

    Being morally narcisistic (I can see some people of the video really are) is a problem, not free speech on social media

  26. people dont understand if you donate a ton of money to give people stuff for free aka "end world hunger" it will destroy the economy even more than it already is