"Elon Musk Will Be A Hero" Tucker Carlson On Twitter Takeover | PMU

Fox News star Tucker Carlson says Tesla billionaire Elon Musk could restore “true free speech” if he takes over Twitter. The Conservative commentator also gives his thoughts on Donald Trump’s potential 2024 election bid and more.

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  1. Never 4get the appalling treatment Piers Morgan gave Tommy Robinson on Good Morning Britain……….freedom of speech…..PAH!!

  2. Elon musk after buying twitter the first thing he did was to invite Trump back that puts musk in the same boat as the my pillow guy in my book . trump attacked America and democracy on Jan 6th 2021 . i've left twitter for good . they call themself's patriots , my rear end

  3. Piers demonstrates how far liberals have gone to the left. He used to work for CNN for God's sake..

  4. Awww this is beautiful, more Tucker and Morgan Uncensored!! Pretty PLEASE, with a Cherry on Top! 🙂

  5. No, he's not and won't be a hero. His acquisition of Twitter is just a publicity stunt designed to further his own interests.

  6. tucker is not a liberal at all i'm sorry he's built a career of taking the piss out of them

  7. Good new show. Liking it so far. We are all going to have to fight for our right to free uncensored speech.

  8. Oh Piers why are you entertaining this absolute moron? He's a despicable scumbag.

  9. I love this Peirs Morgan new channel . I am so sick of all these lefteys woke fannys

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  11. I pray you win this crazy war. Am I wrong or did all of this start with covid. It has to be stopped, keep fighting.