Ben Shapiro Wants Elon Musk To Fire ALL Twitter Workers

Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro has called on Elon Musk to fire everyone working at Twitter claiming that the majority of employees donated to Democrat lawmakers and left-leaning PACs. So, Shapiro wants people to lose their jobs over their political beliefs, regardless of their job performance or position in the company. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.


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  1. The good thing about this so called “Free speech” is I’ll be able to post videos and pics of Ashli Babbitt after she got slotted at the capitol

  2. The reason cenk ejaculates over this is the same reason tyt use any opportunity to call people on the right "snowflakes" it's because they detest that they ( regressive leftists ) have been called out on these topics and are DESPERATE to throw the same criticism back at others.

  3. Ben Shapiro has more intelligence in a single neuron than all of the hosts in TYT combined.

  4. And they aren’t liberal it’s 100 percent radical leftist. Calling joe Rohan and bill Maher right… insane you guys are far far insane left

  5. Terrible take.. these idiots talk shit about there new boss and actually cancel anyone that hurts their feelings big diff

  6. Impressionable does not equal curious. YOu are conflating the two. You are not curious however you are way more impressionable than Joe Rogan. It is why you never scrutinize your current thinking.

  7. The reason Elon Musk bought Twitter is because it was broken. So of course he should fire everyone. Start fresh and make it not broken.

  8. Remember when the left was for private business? Remember when they railed against corporations and were for the small guy? Remember when their nemesis was retailers like Walmart that destroyed small town America? I do.

  9. This headline is so ridiculous. Shapiro doesn’t love cancel culture, as he’s saying the employees at Twitter who engaged in cancel culture and censorship based on their political ideologies should be fired. Can’t believe I have to explain this….🤦‍♀️

  10. Wow there sure are all of snowflakes crying in the comment section. All because thier fragile little feelings are hurt over this video.

  11. He didn't say fire all of them.. Brush up on your listening skills… Or maybe brush up on your English? You people overexaggerate everything. That's why you've lost so many viewers

  12. I work at a civil engineering firm. Our company is as capitalist as it gets. If you lean liberal and are capable of working you will be welcomed and be given the opportunity to make tons of money. If you're a socialist, an lgbtqxyz extremists or antifa you will be fired as you should

  13. Elon himself donated to both Obama campaigns. He was always somewhat libertarian and definitely not a right winger by any means. Y'all leftists have just gotten so crazy that people on the center are being labelled fascists for saying basic things like men are not women and American politicians' main focus should be the well being of Americans

  14. She goes on his show and pretends to be civil then makes something like this, she's a fkn spooon

  15. He should fire them. Hey young turks can you actually report something people care about? Like Twitter shadow banning conservatives? This dude kenk actually believes Elon is getting rid of followers on the left when Twitter is illegally shadow banning the right and using fake accounts to bump lefty numbers. Good luck with the channel lol

  16. Elon should fire them all lol…. They don't want to work there.. So fire them. Or give them the option to walk on their own.

  17. If all the twitter employees died of starvation in the streets, the world would be a better place.

  18. The way it works the Dems is they've spent years building a massive complex censorship infrastructure which is fine… until the party you oppose get into power then that's when you speak up about censorship.. that's when you have an issue… that's when it is a danger to democracy.

    If this is you… you are the problem.