LMAO: Woke Twitter EXPLODES Over Their New Overlord Elon Musk

It’s official, Elon Musk bought Twitter. Can today get any better?

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  2. Shaun King is just jealous because Elon is the one thing he’s not…an African American.

  3. Trying to make sense of this since it makes absolutely no sense. What I have concluded is these people must be paid by a company to make those Tiktoks videos or Twitter post to influence or rotten people's mind. Refuse to believe people are this dumb and able to accumulate lots of followers.

  4. Lmao it is so ironic to tell some rich dude that "he could've ended world hunger". When they themselves are just centered people who probably would've put themselves first in some top priority list.

  5. Brett I think you're a lovely young woman your parents should be proud. It's nice to see a young woman who's a critical thinker ❤🌱🌹

  6. Why are people so damn upset about this? Like he's done so much for the world, he's only one person, he can't fix it all. Yes, he has a lot of money and could've done so much more than buy Twitter, but it is HIS money. We don't have a say in what he chooses to do with it. If people are so upset about him not helping the world then why don't we all quit be lazy f*cks and actually get up to do something about it. We are putting people's feelings over what actually needs to be done.

  7. They rant about Tweeter but keep silent about TikTok, which is basically owned by the CCP, and China is literally committing genocide to some muslim folk on their western territories.
    These people don't care about human rights. Well, not as much as they pretend to do.

    PS: Interesting how these people want to limit free speech because it might be used to hurt someone's feelings. That's the first step toward enabling a government to decide what words are okay and whatnot. And then what they will dictate how you should talk and design more 'freindly' words so nobody gets offended.
    This entire stuff is literally heading towards the 'Newspeak' of that 1984 George Orwell book.
    Okay, maybe it's not this critical, but still stupid. The US has some serious problems with these people (because these crazy people mostly breed in the US). They lack true problems, so they start losing their minds to nonsense.

    PPS: Ending world hunger is impossible. Maybe in theory, but in praxis… nope.

  8. 7:48 he is actually right ( somewhat ) . people in france made cartoons of the muslim's prophet and mocked islam . and that is all muslims stand for so i don't think that's free speech this is just an example

  9. All these brainwashed goofballs led to believe that Elon is some neo nazi. what a bunch of clowns. anyone with 5 free minutes and a web browser could see that EVERY single one of his enterprises (aside from the flamethrower) was an attempt to improve peoples lives.

    safe online purchasing/electric cars/traffic tunnels/solar powered homes/ai symbiosis/space travel.

    but no, after spending billions trying to do good hes gonna do an about face and go full supervillain and buy a social media platform to silence "black twitter" like… wat… the fuck are they on?

    these goons dont read or research beyond headlines… and they're all voters.

  10. lol the girl who said "well he could have saved the world or ended hunger"! ummm its not like elon payed cash for twitter> he bought it with other people threw a group… ….. am i wrong>?

  11. Did she just call Inez Stepman a leftist? Renowned conservative activist, frequent guest on Rising in the glory days??

  12. I don't have twitter but now that elon musk owns it I just might make an account.

  13. where did these people get the idea that you can end world hunger, homelessness, poverty with less than 44 billion dollars?

  14. Subbed because I think you are the perfect for my political and world views, not crazy right wibg now crazy left, kind of in the middle! been looking for htat for a while

  15. I lost my twitter account for retweeting the New York post. I hope I can get my account back

  16. Elon should buy TikTok and implement strict 18+ only user rules for both Twitter and TikTok
    I would respect the shit out of him

  17. Elon Musk Replaced gas car into electric to reduce carbon emissions
    Interviewer: what are you doing to change the world?

    My brain 😧😧😵💫💫💫💫

  18. i got banned like 13 times from twitter for making jokes that would be considered "offensive" and im not even exaggerating with the 13 times

    good to see free speech finally being added

  19. Hmm yes lets go to Tik Tok, the bastion of free speech and data transparency. Room temperature IQ would need to be in Celcius to describe people posting from Tik Tok feeling like their data and information is secure and under US law.

  20. none of these people have ever even seen the former ceo of twitter lol. That dude was fucking horrible 😂

  21. I believe if you hold a belief and can not defend it, you should not have that belief. Oh also I’m pretty happy about Elon owning Twitter, I actually made a Twitter account.

  22. My favourite thing was when they were all salivating over Elon ages ago. They all thought he would be the next Masiah to stand up to the rest of the rich people, now they are whining that he isn’t doing what they want him to

  23. Good riddance, woke people can transition to sweaty slow shadow-banning thought policing Facebook that is just as they like it.

  24. 9:41 now somebody else can end hunger thanks to Elon's money he just gave a chance to somebody else to do it
    and yes he is god there is no one else to blame for hunger and he could have bought everybody a big mac and end hunger in instant just go to local fastfood and order like rectillion of them

    man some people are stupid im sad that age of colonialism has ended but wait elon plan can bring it up
    and due to some series of unfortunate events large number of them will vanish

  25. It wasn’t elon that said that verge one I think, based on screenshot but still super funny

  26. You must realize that this is the generation of the evolving participation trophy gen. They didn't grow up with criticism and effort for achievement, so they don't want to debate. They want to just think they're in the right, be told they are right and be told they are a good person for following. They just want to feel good, not accomplished.

  27. Someone said “it’s all fun and games until Elon musk buys South Africa for nostalgia’s sake” 😂😂😂

  28. Some "woke" person: "Elon doesn't care about the planet and doesn't pay taxes"
    Elon: I make electric cars which I plan on creating a entirely green power grid for. Oh yea also I'm working on developing a more sustainable and environmentally friendly rocket fuel.
    Also Elon to Warren: "I pay 53% in taxes over 12 billion, IDK what you're smoking but I can tell you where to get the right stuff"… okay not exactly what he said that but would have been funny.